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radio.png (RADIO) - Play radio in chatroom background

The Radio power allows you to take your radio with you to any chat so you and other users can tune in at any time.

xat also offers a free radio service for your own chat that users can listen to while present there.


  • All radio URLs should start with https://.
  • If your radio doesn't work, try refreshing the chat or adding /: or /; to the end of the URL (e.g.,;).

Radio Power

To use this power, put (radio#URL) in your name, where "URL" will be the URL for the radio station you want to have. Other people can listen to your radio station by clicking on the "Radio" smiley included in your name.

This power also has smiley effects. A sample of available radio smiley effects are below:


Free Radio Services[edit]

xat's In-chat Radio[edit]

The xat chat has an in-built radio feature that you can make use of as group owner. Once set up, your users can listen to the radio while present on the chat.

To set it up, hover over "group" at the top right of your chat and click "customize". Alternatively, you can use the direct edit group link. Once you've entered your chat password, visit the settings tab and enter the URL of a radio in the "radio station" field.

Below we have compiled a list of https radio stations, which are known to play clean (no swearing) music to use for your chat.

If you are an owner of a radio that is clean and would like to advertise your station here, then please open a ticket.

Figure 1

Embedding An External Radio[edit]

If you would prefer, you can also embed a radio below your chat. To do this, visit the Special Codes Generator, select "Radio", enter your player ID into the box and click the "Copy" button.

To get it on your chat, visit the edit group page, enter the chat password and visit "tabs". Then, paste the radio code in the desired tab (Figure 1) and click "save". Click the "preview" button to check if this was done successfully. It may take up to 10 minutes for it to update on your chat directly.


  • If you're using your own website/IP, you need to use the Custom HTML5 option.
  • If you’re using xatradio, you need to use the radio and your xatradio player ID.[edit] is a free service for online radio stations. It allows you to upload your own radio player and use it on xat. The website can be used by anyone as long you have a xat account. You can turn on special settings to lock your player to your chat(s) or site(s).

To upload your player, first register. Uploaded players will be analysed before approved. Pending players will not work on xat until approved. This website is not run by xat but is monitored by xat users.

Please see xatRadio terms for rules of what you can and cannot upload. For example, the radio player must contain images suitable for all ages.

Note: You are required to use HTML players on xat. All players made in Flash (.swf) have been disabled and are no longer accepted.

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