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  • They are not nxat staff; they volunteer their time to help nxat.
  • The nxat volunteers have no special indication on the chat (e.g. they do not appear as nxat staff, they appear as any normal user).
  • The nxat volunteers will not ask for your personal information on other websites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Never give your password to any volunteer or nxat staff, even if you are sure they are real.
  • If you notice any user who claims he/she is a volunteer and they are not on this page please report them to us immediately. To do so click here.

Support Tickets[edit]

  • The following users have the power to answer tickets on the nxat support ticket system
    • Please NOTE that it is considered bad etiquette to ask a nxat volunteer to reply to your ticket.
      Please understand that nxat receives a countless amount of support tickets on a daily basis. Patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated!
Name: nxat ID:
Rouss us.png R (13)
Jose mx.png J (80)
Diego ar.png X (50)

How to become a Volunteer[edit]

  • There is no step-by-step guide to becoming a volunteer.
  • You must have the qualifications nxat staff is looking for (which is up to an admin to decide). Currently it is invite only; we are not accepting applications.
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