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superblastban.png (SUPERBLASTBAN) - Extra animations when banned GROUP POWER

Only one Blastban power is required to be assigned to your chat for Superblastban to function.

Superblastban is a group power that shows animations when someone on the chat gets banned.

The more Superblastban powers assigned, the more animations unlocked.

  • 1 power = Bat, frying pan, and ban hammer animations
  • 2 powers = Ton, anvil, and rock smash animations
  • 4 powers = Freeze and flame animations
  • 8 powers = Godblast animation

If you don't want to see blast effects while in a chat, type: $blast=off into the chat.

Bat animation.
Frying pan animation.
Ban hammer animation.
Ton smash animation.
Anvil smash animation.
Rock smash animation.
Freeze animation.
Flame animation.
Zeus animation.
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