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statuscolor.png (STATUSCOLOR) - Colored statuses EPIC

Status with a white color and a blue glow.

The Statuscolor power allows you to add a color to the letters of your status on top of the glow you can add with statusglow.

Note: You need Status, Statusglow and appropriate color powers to use statuscolor.

  • To use Statuscolor, type $status=Your message here#glowcode#colorcode into the chatbox and send the message. If you do not want an outer glow, put "0" in place of glowcode.

If you do not put any color codes at the end, your status will be a normal status, without a glow or a color.


  • $status=Hello#0#r - Red-colored status
  • $status=Your message here#000001#FFFFFF - White with black glow
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