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status.png (STATUS) - Status message
Status is displayed under the name.

The status power allows you to show a status message under your name on the user list.

To set a status, type "$status=Message here" into the chatbox. Do not put a space after the equals sign. To disable your status, type "$status=" into the chatbox.

If you want to stop all statuses from showing up on the user list, type "$SetStatus=off". To enable them again, type "$SetStatus=".

Note: These commands are case sensitive.

A few examples are:

  • $status=I am busy
  • $status=Currently AFK
  • $status=Be right back

You may perform further customization to your status messages via the use of Statusglow and Statuscolor powers. They allow you to add a custom glow and color to your status messages, respectively. Please note that the Status power is required for these powers to function. For further information, click the power names.

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