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nxat allows the use of BBCode-esque formatting to allow you to easily embed popular services on your profile or chat group.

Use a special codes generator for ease of producing special codes.


  • Both HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) websites are supported.
  • All sizes work with percentages, e.g: [chat:45%:35%:<translate>

chat id</translate>:<translate> chat name</translate>].

Embedding a Chat[edit]

To embed a chat group, you will need to know the chat's ID and name. You can use this tool to help you.

  • [chat:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> chat id</translate>:<translate> chat name</translate>]

For example, http://nx4t.in/xat_Test chat ID is 5, and its name is xat_Test. This means the code will look like this:

  • [chat:728:486:5:xat_test]

In addition, you can use different options for further functionality:

  • autologin will enable autologin by default
  • noradio will disable radio by default
  • nosound will disable sound by default
  • nomessages will not store old messages, exactly like the 'Don't store chat messages' option
  • transparent will load chats in transparent mode using wmode="transparent"

To do so, use the following code:

  • [chat:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> chat id</translate>:<translate> chat name</translate>:<translate> options</translate>] You can even use multiple codes separated by a '-'.

For example:

  • [chat:728:486:5:xat_test:nomessages-transparent]


  • The chat will not load automatically if you set a height value lower than 300 or a width value lower than 400. If this is the case, you will have to click a "play" button for it to load.
  • The height and width must be greater than 5 for the chat to successfully embed.

Embedding a YouTube video[edit]

To embed YouTube videos, you need to copy the video ID from the URL and put it in place of <translate> video id</translate>.

  • [youtube:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> video id</translate>:<translate> options</translate>]

For example, if https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyclqo_AV2M was your desired video, Qyclqo_AV2M would be the video ID and to use this video on chats and profiles, you will need to use the following code:

  • [youtube:200:200:Qyclqo_AV2M:8]

In the example above, no options were set but you can use the following:

  • autoplay=1
  • Due to YouTube policy, not all videos will auto-play automatically for all users.
  • loop=1

An example with options set:

  • [youtube:200:200:Qyclqo_AV2M:autoplay=1&loop=1]

Note: If you want to make the video invisible, set the height and width values to 1.

  • [youtube:1:1:Qyclqo_AV2M:autoplay=1&loop=1]

You can also force different video resolutions:

  • [youtube:1:1:Qyclqo_AV2M:autoplay=1&loop=1&vq=hd1080]

The options are, in ascending quality: vq=hd720, vq=hd1080, vq=hd1440, vq=hd2160.

In addition, you can use YouTube playlists. For example, if https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmo4pBukfRoN8SB5RKvfiY9CTl9pI_IFc was your desired playlist, PLmo4pBukfRoN8SB5RKvfiY9CTl9pI_IFc would be the playlist ID. Add the ID of the first video in the playlist, followed by the playlist ID, as such:

  • [youtube:500:400:Qyclqo_AV2M:autoplay=1&list=PLmo4pBukfRoN8SB5RKvfiY9CTl9pI_IFc]

Embedding a Radio[edit]

nxat recommends the embedding of radios via the service nxatRadio. They provide their service in both SWF and HTML format. You can still use services such as SHOUTcast and Icecast.

  • [radioswf:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> player id</translate>]

  • [radiohtml:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> player id</translate>]

Replace <translate> player id</translate> with your nxatRadio player ID, which can be found on the manage page under the "URL" heading.

Other radio services use the following, similar, format:

[radiohtml5:<translate> ip</translate>:<translate> port</translate>:<translate> extra</translate>]


IP</TRANSLATE> = Streaming IP.

  • <translate>

port</translate> = Streaming Port.

  • <translate>

extra</translate> = Streaming mount point. (shoutcast/icecast)



IP</TRANSLATE> = Streaming IP.

  • <translate>

port</translate> = Streaming Port.

  • <translate>

extra</translate> = Streaming mount point. (shoutcast/icecast)

  • Available skins: 3dpixelstyle, atomicred, bekle, bluemetal, comet, controlpanel, dangdang, fashion, festival, grungetape, icecreamsneaka, kleur, magma, metarby10, modieus, nacht, neon, pearlized, pixelize, playcaso, schoon, seawave, silverywhite, sneal, stijl, traganja

Embedding from Facebook[edit]

Embedding a page[edit]

To embed a Facebook Page and its posts, you just need the name of the desired page.

  • [box:fbposts:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> page name</translate>]

Replace <translate> page name</translate> with the name of the Facebook Page you want to embed.

For example:

  • [box:fbposts:300:400:xatchats]

Embedding a comments box[edit]

To embed a Facebook comments box, you need a unique token code. This code can be anything you want, and is used to distinguish between other users with other comments boxes.

  • [box:fbcomments:height:width:your token]

For example:

  • [box:fbcomments:height:width:xatchats]

Embedding a like box[edit]

Once again, to embed a Facebook like box, you only need the name of the desired page.

  • [fblike:<translate>

page name</translate>]

For example, to embed a nxat Facebook like box:

  • [fblike:xatchats]

Embedding from Twitter[edit]

Use the following code to embed a Twitter profile:

  • [box:twitter:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> page name</translate>]

For example:

  • [box:twitter:300:400:xat]

Embedding from Geovisite[edit]

You first need to register on Geovisite to create your own globe and clock.

For the following codes, the <translate> geo id</translate> variable refers to the identification number of your Geovisite account. To access it, simply login in here.

Note: Geovisite is not affiliated with nxat. We strongly suggest you to use a different password on Geovisite than on nxat.

Embedding a globe[edit]

Use the following code to embed a globe:

  • [box:globe:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> geo id</translate>]

For example:

  • [box:globe:180:190:398644531899]

Embedding a view counter[edit]

Use the following code to embed a view counter (named clock on Geovisite):

  • [box:counter:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:<translate> geo id</translate>]

For example:

  • [box:counter:200:200:398644531899]

Embedding from RevolverMaps[edit]

To embed a globe from RevolverMaps, first generate your embed code at their website: https://www.revolvermaps.com/?target=setupgl

Once the code is generated, take the i= part and add it into the following code:

  • [box:revolvermaps:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:i:<translate> value</translate>]

For example:

  • [box:revolvermaps:645:645:i:0qkv5b2uq9f&amp;m=0&amp;c=ff0000&amp;cr1=ffffff&amp;f=trebuchet_ms&amp;l=1&amp;rs=50]

Due to security reasons, some characters have to be changed from the original code, so in your code replace &amp; with - and = with : so that your code looks something like this:

  • [box:revolvermaps:645:645:i:0qkv5b2uq9f-m:0-c:ff0000-cr1:ffffff-f:trebuchet_ms-l:1-rs:50]

You should now be able to use the code on your profile. If you get stuck, please use our special codes generator.

Embedding a bubble shooter game[edit]

You can embed a bubble shooter game by using the following code:

  • [box:bs:<translate>

width</translate>:<translate> height</translate>:n]

n refers to the color of the background and can be replaced by any integer between 1 and 10.

1 is default, 2 is blue, 3 is sea, 4 is orange, 5 is pink, 6 is green, 7 is yellow, 8 is white, 9 is red and 10 is purple.

  • Note: Using a different size than the default one (645x645) may break the design.

For example:

  • [box:bs:645:645:1]

Custom Fonts[edit]

You can use custom font types from Google Fonts with the following code:

  • [font:<translate>

font name</translate>]

For example, to use the Open Sans font, the code will look like this:

  • [font:Open Sans]


Before using any icons, you must first include the library that you wish to use. There is currently support for the following icon libraries:

Once you have found the desired icon, and have included the correct library, use the following format to display the icon:

  • [icon:icon_name:icon_size]

The icon sizes must be 1-100 pixels.

When using the Bootstrap or Font Awesome libraries, you do not need to include the "fa fa-" or "glyphicon glyphicon-" prefixes, only the main word.

For example:

  • The "fa fa-comments" icon from Font Awesome uses the code: [icon:comments:icon_size]
  • The "glyphicon glyphicon-asterisk" icon from Bootstrap uses the code: [icon:asterisk:icon_size]


If you have any suggestions for new special codes or how to improve the current system, please click here and post a new thread with your suggestions.

More codes may be added with time.

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