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me.png (ME) - Advanced profile CSS
Enabling advanced mode.

The ME power:

  • Enables you to fully customize your profile with almost no nxat branding, by replacing everything with a small nxat planet in the bottom left corner and a popup menu.
  • Expands CSS space to 20240 bytes.
  • Expands the text box to a bigger text area.
  • Does NOT require days to enable "Advanced mode", nor does it require days to update profile CSS/content.

To enable the above features, check "Advanced mode" while editing your profile.

nxat menu.


Please do not change the nxat menu in any way; doing so will count as breaking the terms and your profile could be deleted.

If the nxat logo and menu on your profile are unintentionally displaced, it may be because the end of your code ends with }; To fix this, remove the bracket, leaving only the semi-colon.

For example, if your code ends with {text-align:center}; then the nxat logo may be displaced. To fix this, remove the bracket so that you will be left with {text-align:center; and the nxat logo should not be displaced.

If the nxat menu and logo are still displaced, visit a Help Chat or Graphics Chat for assistance.

See here for a full list of CSS guidelines.


  • Advertising may be added.
  • The capabilities of the profile may be expanded.

Avoid Breaking the Rules

  • Instead of affecting the body, only target #xatstyme. This way, you don't change the logo by lowering the opacity or changing its color.


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