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silentban.png (SILENTBAN) - Silently ban users

Mute is required for Silentban to function.

Silentban allows tempowners and above to silently ban a user in the chat. This means that the user will not see themselves being banned, similar to the Mute power. In addition, no other rank in the chat will be able to see the ban taking place, including main owners. This can be changed, however, with GControl.

To use silentban, you need to click the Mute button when banning a user. In other words, Silentban is an additional feature to the Mute power.

The maximum amount of time that you can silentban a user is 1 hour. With GControl, you are also able to edit features such as what type of users are able to be silentbanned.

Note: To prevent abuse, silent bans will still appear in events.

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