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purple.png (PURPLE) - Purple pawn EPIC

Purple is xat's first epic power.

  • When this power is enabled your pawn will show as purple on the list of users regardless of your chat rank - guest, member, moderator, owner, or main owner. If you are offline your pawn will still show as red and if you are banned your pawn will still show as brown.
  • This power puts you higher on the visitors list than everyone else of your rank, including users with topman, unless they also have purple, or are BFF'd/married to someone of a higher rank, or have topman and a short name while you have neither.
  • Boosted: Smilies and a hug were added to the power.

Your pawn will also appear purple even if you're in $tealth mode.

Note: Purple is not required for the allpowers smiley.


Purple is a smiley power and a hug power.

Sending a hug in main chat costs 10 xats per hug and a total of 20 hugs can be sent in 24 hours.

Sending hugs in PC is free of charge and there are no limits on usage.

You can send a hug to a specific user and show it on the main chat.

To do so, send the following command in PC; it costs 10 xats: /hugall hug_name.

Sending a hug:

  • /hug purp Your message here#optional color code
  • /hug purple Your message here#optional color code
The animation of the hug is two purple smilies tagging the avatars followed by your custom message.


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