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mark.png (MARK) - Set keywords to highlight
Example of Mark power.

Mark allows you to set keywords to highlight in private and main chats, in any colors you choose.

You cannot see the highlighted words if you type them yourself. Another user must type the highlighted words that you set.


To set keywords to highlight, type "$mark=keyword1,keyword2" into the chatbox. These keywords must be at least 3 letters.

You can use a different highlight color for each word by adding a hex color code after it.

For example, if you type "$mark=she,the,ask,you,hey#ff0000,guy#0000ff", the word "hey" would be highlighted in red and the word "guy" would be highlighted in blue. The other words (she, the, ask, you) would be highlighted in yellow, the default color.

If someone types a word longer than 3 letters into the chat that contains your keyword, the entire word will be highlighted. For example, if you set the keyword "fre" to be the color blue, then the words "free", "freelancer", "fred", and "frequent" would all be highlighted in blue too.

Combining words

Combined words, e.g. "hey-fred", would be red (since "hey" is set to red in our example).

When combining two words that have been defined as two different colors, the one that was defined first will be the color chosen to highlight the entire word.

For example, if you type "$mark=fre#ff0000,hey#0000ff", and someone types "Hey-Fred", then the entire phrase would be highlighted in red, since it was defined first.

Keyword Settings

You can manage your set keywords, and also create new ones, in your Account Settings. To access these settings, click your name on the chatbox, then "Settings" and then the "Keywords" tab.

To create a keyword here, type the name of your keyword into the "Name" box, e.g. xatwiki. You can choose the highlight color from the color wheel. The default color is yellow. Click "Add" to save your settings. The word will now be highlighted when another user types the word in private and main chats.

To edit a keyword that you have set, long-click the keyword and drag it to the pencil icon. Once edited, click the "Add" button to save your changes.

To delete a keyword that you have set, long-click the keyword and drag it to the bin icon.

You need the Mark power to access these settings.

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