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Desktop notifications
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When joining an HTML5 chat, you will be asked if you'd like to accept notifications from xat. If enabled, you will receive a browser notification for every message sent in the main chat, private chat, and private message when you're on another tab or your browser is minimized.

This also works while you're offline, meaning if you don't have a xat tab open, you will still get notifications.

Desktop notification example 1
Desktop notification example 2

By default, this is set only to private chats and private messages.

If you also want notifications for messages sent in the main chat, you must use a macro.

To do so, click on your name in the chat, open settings, visit the "Macros" tab and apply the following:

  • Name: notify
  • Value: all

If you want to disable this feature, you can do so in the settings under the "General" tab. You can also choose to receive notifications from friends only.


You can also get notifications for specific keywords. For instance, if someone writes “hello”, you will be notified if it's set as a keyword, regardless of settings.

To add keywords, click on your name in the chat, open settings, view the "Macros" tab and apply the following:

  • Name: mentions
  • Value: add your keywords here, for example: hello,help,test
Example mention macro.
Example mention desktop notification.

Please note:

  • Notifications will be improved in the future with further options/settings.
  • Offline notifications may not work on Opera, Firefox and Safari browsers.
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