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A hug is a small, wide animation that can be sent in the main chat or private chat. Although sending a hug in a private chat is free and has unlimited usage, sending a hug in the main chat costs 10 xats per hug, and a total of 20 hugs can be sent in 24 hours. This is designed for safety purposes, and to prevent abuse.

Note: Hugs sent by private message will be posted in the chat they are sent in (whether main or private). Costs still incur where relevant.

Note: You can send hugs on the Android mobile app, but you're unable to see them yourself.

How do I send a hug?[edit]

The animation of the hug is two purple smilies tagging the avatars followed by your custom message.

To send a hug, you must first possess the power to which it belongs, and ensure the power is activated, with subscriber time. For example, /hug classic belongs to Classic power and /hug purp belongs to Purple power. Check the Powers page for a comprehensive list of powers with hugs. Each power within this category has its own article, with a list of specific hug commands and previews of their animations.

You can add a message (though not compulsory) after the command to appear in the animation. For example, /hug purp Hello xat wiki! would show the following:

Sending hugs for free in a private chat will place both you and the recipient in the animation. Sending hugs in the main chat, however, with no direct recipient, will involve only your name and avatar, and the other side will remain blank. You can target a specific user in the main chat by typing /hugall in their private chat (instead of /hug), followed by the hug name and message. For example, you may type /hugall purp Hello Joe! in Joe's private chat. In this case, the entire chat will see the hug, and Joe will be included in the animation. This public option again costs 10 xats.

Hugs vs. kisses[edit]

Although each hug and kiss has a different animation, there are key differences between them:

  • A hug requires a power and subscriber time, while kisses can be sent without.
  • A kiss is a much larger animation, which covers the whole chat, while hugs are much smaller, covering only two lines of text.
  • Hugs can be sent in private, while kisses are always public.
  • Kisses display only the name of the sender. Hugs display both the name *and* avatar of the sender, and may include the recipient's too.
  • Kisses are more expensive, costing 25 xats (versus 0 or 10 xats for hugs).

See the xats page for more on kisses.


  • Choirhug was the first hug power, released on the 11th December 2015.
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