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Rules:Help Rules

In order to provide the best experience possible for all visitors, we have listed a set of guidelines below that each user must follow. Guidelines apply to all elements of the chat.
1. Helping is the main priority 
General topics are allowed, but helping takes top priority. If general topics are deemed disruptive to helping, you may be asked to move the conversation to a private chat.
2. Be respectful and do not harass or discriminate 
We do not permit harassment, discriminatory remarks, or derogatory slang terms. Do not say anything that may offend someone, including, but not limited to, flaming a person, group, or chat. For non-severe offenses, such as saying "you suck", a warning will be given, whereas saying highly offensive words or committing more severe offenses would get you immediately banned.
3. Do not transmit inappropriate content 
Transmitting material of an inappropriate nature is not allowed. This includes sexualized images, smiley combinations, or stick figures. Swearing or excessive flirting is not allowed. Censoring a swear word by typing the swear word with a few omitted characters or asterisks is not allowed. Discussion of drugs in classes A to C (according to UK law) is not allowed. Click here for more information. This may involve moderator discretion.
4. Do not advertise non-creative content or websites 
Generally, posting images, videos, or other creative content is allowed, as long as the content comes from mainstream websites like YouTube or Imgur. Linking to things from the nxat forum or any nxat fan site is also acceptable. Other advertising is not allowed, except for in a user's homepage. Drawing signs to a homepage is not allowed unless the content in the homepage is also content that can be posted in the main chat.
5. Do not impersonate other users 
Do not impersonate other users, namely nxat staff, volunteers, or Help staff. Impersonation is not necessarily using the same name and avatar as another user.
6. English is the only language allowed 
In most cases, the only language that is acceptable here is English. If a user uses a non-English language, they will first be warned to use English only. They may be transferred to an appropriate help chat suited for helping in their language. If no such chat exists or if such chat exists but is inactive, we will try our best to assist the user. This means that translating to another language is acceptable as long as the sole purpose is to help that person in another language. If you know another language and would like to help a user who uses that language, please also include English translations so that everyone knows what is being communicated.
7. Do not beg or ask for free products 
Do not beg for xats, days, or powers. You can either purchase xats or enter contests hosted on the forum.
8. Spamming is not allowed 
Sending several consecutive messages with little content is considered flooding and is not permitted. Adding a lot of extra characters to a word is fine, to a reasonable extent. A moderator will warn you if they deem your messages to resemble messages of spam. Constantly clicking someone, resulting in tickle spam, is not permitted.
9. The use of Size and Big is restricted 
Do not use the Size power above level w7 or w77. Names with smilies can exceed this limit to a reasonable extent, but can not overlap text or names. The use of Size and Big (combined) above size level w6 or w66 is not allowed. If the use of either of these powers in an avatar cause chat text to be blocked, the size must be reduced or the avatar must be changed.
10. Request and respond to assistance in a courteous manner 
As outlined in the Terms of Service, users who request or respond to support should do so in a courteous manner. The users providing assistance at the Help chat do so on a voluntary basis and work to give each guest a fair and positive experience. Publicly complaining about the actions of a moderator is not acceptable, and any issues should be brought up to the main owner, which can be done by clicking here. All feedback sent through that channel is read.
11. False help and fake reports may result in a ban 
Providing false help to a user seeking assistance is not permitted. If it appears that a user is providing false help with ill-intent or in an obviously jokingly way, that user may be banned immediately. Simple mistakes, mostly due to outdated information, may result in a warning or correction. Additionally, if a user reports another user with non-genuine proof, the reporting user may be banned forever.
12. Selling or trading is generally not allowed, with a few exceptions 
Users may request to purchase subscriber days, but only if the user is out of subscriber days. All other trading should occur at the Trade chat. Buying or selling xats, days, powers, identification numbers, or graphics is allowed only in status messages. Drawing signs to a status with the intent of bringing attention to the sale item(s) typically prohibited on the main chat is also not allowed, unless noted otherwise. Buying or selling any other product or service is prohibited. Buying or selling nxat products for off-site currency is prohibited for most users for safety reasons. Please see rule 15 for more information on this.
13. Drawing signs to the sale of xats is allowed under very restricted circumstances 
Only Resellers are allowed to draw signs to the sale of xats for off-site currency, such as cash. This can only be done in a status. No other person or group may draw signs to the sale of xats except for volunteers.
14. Do not disrupt the operations of the chat 
Behaving in a manner that disrupts the operations of the chat may result in a ban. Having debates about topics, even politics, is acceptable as long as the discussions are civil. In accordance with the first rule, such topics may be halted if it is deemed that such topics are interfering too much with helping. A disagreement in opinion, or even constructive criticism, should not be considered disruption, but sending hateful or abusive comments will not be tolerated.
15. Do not troll, post inflammatory remarks, or facilitate drama 
Only ask questions related to xat. Since this is a chat where users receive assistance, there is little room for trolling or posting inflammatory remarks. We understand that users may have light-hearted fun by saying they need help and then asking a question not related to xat. This is not considered trolling. However, there are some cases to look out for. If this type of behavior becomes excessive or drawn out, or if the user has an obvious intent to annoy others or disrupt the chat, or if the user is being overly-obnoxious, they may be asked to stop. Posting things for obvious shock-value (something that may be seen as highly disgusting or angering) is considered overly-obnoxious and will not be allowed and can be considered trolling. Facilitating drama is also not allowed. This should primarily discourage negative discussion about occurrences or operations at other groups, unless a user is requesting assistance for dealing with such situations. Finally, do not repeatedly ask the same question after the question has been answered.
16. All visitors must use a name of reasonable length or size 
Visitors are required to use a name of reasonable length or size. Using a visible smiley as a name is acceptable. Generally, using even a letter is fine.
17. Providing insincere or ineffective help is not allowed 
If you decide to provide assistance to a user, it should not be done in an insincere way. If this were allowed, it would appear unprofessional and non-genuine. One example is simply telling a user to look at the wiki, hoping they will just find what they need. If you are not prepared to help others, then avoid helping. Simply pointing to a linked word or wiki article alone is also unprofessional and may appear non-genuine. Explaining how the guest can be better helped by viewing the resource, and explaining what the resource is for, is sufficient.
18. Moderators and owners have the final say in classifying offensive material 
Due to the nature of the English language, it is not possible to list every offensive term or phrase. For minor instances of inappropriate behavior, the user will be told to stop or will be kicked, based on the judgement of the moderators or owners who are witnessing the behavior. If you disagree with the way a moderator or owner deals with a situation, wait until a person of higher rank is available to resolve your complaint or request.
19. Obey the nxat Terms of Service and do not share confidential information 
Failure to comply with the Terms of Service agreement may result in a ban. The following topics are major areas to be aware of: Exposing personal information, abusing or teaching glitches, and phishing or scamming. Linking to, discussing, or even mentioning private servers of any kind is not permitted, especially ones that involve xat. Lastly, do not discuss private information, such as protected blog posts, with users who are not authorized to see or discuss the information in question.


  • A reason is required for each kick and ban. Owners do not have to include reasons for mutes. The only exceptions are when you are banning raid bots or banning users who keep unbanning themselves.
  • If a raid is occurring, use the /p protect mode. If that fails, use the /pr mode.
  • If a user breaks a rule while seeking assistance, give them more leniency than someone who is here to just chat about general topics.
  • Include rule violation information in kick reasons so that users can correct their behavior. Do not just give a directive and hope they understand their wrongdoing.
  • Unprofessional conduct at other chats may put you at risk for getting demoted at Help. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • You must be active in order to maintain your position. Activity is measured by how often you help, not by recorded events.
  • Consult a user of equal or higher rank when deciding to demote someone. In cases of clear abuse, you can demote immediately.
  • Do not ban for long periods of time for measly reasons. A day-long ban may not necessarily be fair for all rule violations. Think carefully about what is fair and appropriate.
  • Owners may not mute people for petty things (such as smiley spam).
  • While an owner’s primary responsibility is making sure that other staff members effectively help and enforce rules, owners are still required to help.
  • If you are an owner and would like for someone to be a member, suggest that person to the main owner and make a case for why that person should become a member.
  • Bans issued by the bot should be verified. If the user needs help, consider unbanning them.
  • Moderators are required to give proof for violations that occur in the moderator’s private chat.
  • Owners should ranklock a user to guest if that user breaks a rule and is sometimes a temporary moderator.
  • If you are away or busy, please move to the staff pool. This will allow for the bot to make temporary moderators more accurately based on need.
  • If an unregistered user reports something that happened in a private chat or message, do not take action. Tell the user to use the ignore feature.
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