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Rules:Game Rules

nxat Game is a chat for users to play games. You can compete to be the fastest in the race games or evade bans with the ban games. In this chat, you must abide by these rules (the general idea of the rule is put in bold).
1. Clarification of languages allowed. Expand for the information. 
1A: All languages are allowed off promo. See this post for more information here. Non-English names, statuses, and avatars are allowed as long as they are appropriate. This is subject to change in the future if necessary.

1B: English is the only language allowed on promo. When the chat is promoted on the homepage, English is the only language allowed, as nxat Game is predominately an English chat. Greetings and goodbyes in other languages without the translator are acceptable. When speaking in non-English, the English translation must be in the same message.

  • Kick, then ban for 0.5 - 1 hour if users do not speak English with translator
2. Be respectful and do not harass or discriminate. 
Harassing, discriminatory remarks, or derogatory slang terms are not acceptable. Do not say anything that may offend someone, including, but not limited to, flaming a person, group, or chat. For non-severe offenses, such as saying "you suck" or "shut up," a warning will be given, whereas saying highly offensive words or committing more severe offenses would get you immediately banned. This may involve moderator discretion.
  • Kick, then ban for 1 - 12 hours depending on severity
  • 3. Making fun of users for purchasing nxat products, or attempting to earn rank, is not allowed. 
    Visitors do not come to Game to get berated for their purchases, so do not make fun of users for purchasing nxat products. Do not make fun of users who appear to be attempting to become a member. Their efforts are appreciated.
  • Ban 1 - 12 hours depending on persistence
  • 4. Do not transmit inappropriate content. 
    Transmitting material of an inappropriate nature is not allowed. This includes sexualized images, smiley combinations, or stick figures. Swearing or excessive flirting is not allowed. Censoring a swear word by typing the swear word with a few omitted characters or asterisks is not allowed. Discussion of drugs in classes A to C (according to UK law) is not allowed. Click here for more information. This may involve moderator discretion.
  • Kick, then ban for 1 - 24 hours depending on severity
  • 5. Do not advertise non-creative content or websites. 
    Generally, posting images, videos, or other creative content is allowed, as long as the content comes from mainstream websites like YouTube or Imgur. Linking to things from the nxat forum or any nxat fan site is also acceptable. Other advertising is not allowed, except for in a user's homepage. Drawing signs to a homepage is not allowed unless the content in the homepage is also content that can be posted in the main chat.
  • Ban 1 - 3 hours depending on persistence
  • 6. Do not impersonate other users. 
    Do not impersonate other users, namely nxat staff, volunteers, and/or Game staffs. Posing as another user to get them kicked or banned is also not permitted. Impersonation is not necessarily using the same name and avatar as another user. An example of impersonation is when a user says they are a different user and tries to act like them, which can include using that other person’s name and avatar.
  • Kick, then ban for 1 - 4 hours depending on persistence
  • 7. Don't request a higher rank. 
    Asking for member/mod/owner is strictly forbidden. You must earn your position. You can find out how to do so here.
  • Kick, then ban for 1 - 3 hours depending on persistence
  • 8. No personal information. 
    Do not disclose or request personal information of yours or any other person. This includes photos, conversations, or anything private that the user doesn’t want shared. Use common sense.
  • Ban 1 hour - forever (depending on the information)
  • 9. Do not beg or ask for free products. 
    Begging for xats, days, or powers will not be tolerated. You can either purchase your xats, win prizes here, or enter contests hosted on the forum.
  • Kick, then ban for 1 - 3 hours depending on persistence
  • 10. Spamming is not allowed under some circumstances: 
    Smiley spam is over six smilies in a message and over six in name. Flooding in normal conversation is allowed, however flooding with the intent of disrupting or spamming the chat in any form is not. Playing nxat and FEXBot games are allowed in main chat, but frequency of commands must be reduced depending on active conversation. You may add extra characters to a word as long as it doesn't take up space (abusing this is a bannable offense). Talking in CAPS is also prohibited. Also DO NOT tickle spam (constantly clicking a user). Constantly erasing doodle is also a bannable offense.
  • Kick, then ban for 1 - 3 hours depending on persistence
  • 11. Handle bans maturely. 
    The staff of Game are volunteering their time to help out and keep the chat clean. If you have a genuine report for the main owner, you may submit one here. ALL messages that are sent are read.
    12. Selling or trading is generally not allowed, with a few exceptions: 
    Users may request to purchase subscriber days, but only if the user is out of subscriber days. All other trading should occur at the Trade chat. Buying or selling xats, days, powers, identification numbers, graphics, or shortnames is allowed only in status messages. Drawing signs to a status with the intent of bringing attention to the sale item(s) typically prohibited on the main chat is also not allowed, unless noted otherwise. Buying or selling any other product or service is prohibited. Buying or selling nxat products for off-site currency is prohibited for most users for safety reasons. Please see rule 13 for more information on this.
  • Kick, then ban for 1 - 2 hours
  • 13. Drawing signs to the sale of xats is allowed under very restricted circumstances: 
    Only Resellers are allowed to draw signs to the sale of xats for off-site currency, such as cash. This can only be done in a status. No other person or group may draw signs to the sale of xats except for volunteers. Users should take note that resellers listed on the Resellers page are not official resellers, and are not officially endorsed by xat; they are simply trusted resellers with a long history of safe transactions.
  • Kick, then ban for 1 - 2 hours
  • 14. No drama/disruption. 
    The users of the chat are here to have fun. If you’re insulting/harassing one of the users, or publicly ranting about something bad the user did, that is considered drama, and if there is flame / harassment then there will be consequences. Disrupting contests such as using kisses may result in stricter consequences.
  • Use discretion to decide appropriate ban time
  • 15. You may not accuse other users in main chat. 
    Accusing users in the main chat for something bad they might have done is not allowed. Even if what they did was true, keep accusations to private chats, or report them to a staff member, or the main owner.
  • Kick, then use discretion to decide appropriate ban time
  • 16. Don't troll. 
    If you are found to be posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages here with the primary intent of provoking users into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, you will be banned.
  • Kick, then use discretion to decide appropriate ban time
  • 17. Do not discuss hacking or related activities. 
    The discussion of hacking is strictly prohibited. A user requesting help on being hacked or compromised is acceptable.
  • Use discretion to decide appropriate ban time
  • 18. All visitors must use a name of reasonable length and size. 
    18A: Everyone is required to use a name of reasonable length or size. Using a visible smiley as a name is acceptable. Moderators have the ability to use their own discretion when determining if a name is appropriate. Generally, using even a letter is fine. Using just a period, for example, is an example of an unreasonable name.
  • Kick twice, then ban 1 hour
  • 18B: Note: Only enforce this rule when a user with an invalid/blank name talks in the chat for a few messages. If the user is silent, they are fine.
    19. Clarification of Size and Big power and the use of Censor and Flip smiley. Expand for the information. 
    19A: The use of Size and Big is restricted. Use of the Censor smiley:

    Do not use the Size power above level w7 or w77. Names with smilies can exceed this limit to a reasonable extent, but can not overlap text or names. The use of Size and Big (combined) above size level w6 or w66 is not allowed. If the use of either of these powers in an avatar cause chat text to be blocked, the size must be reduced or the avatar must be changed. Using the censor smiley in a "flaming" matter of way is not considered flaming or inappropriate. However, abusing the smiley constantly will result in a warning. This may involve staff discretion.

    • Kick, then ban 1 - 2 hours

    19B: Use of the Flip smiley: Using the flip smiley is allowed in general conversation, but do not use it in a way to intentionally flame users.

    • Kick, then ban 1 - 2 hours
    20. Win 1, skip 1. 
    Occasionally, contests involving GameBot and nxat gameraces will be hosted. In order to share the funds, when there are xats or days in the gamebot's prizefund, you must sit out 1 round immediately following each round that you win. This also applies if you win the final round of a previous gamerace, you have to skip the first round of the next game. This is a general rule during GameBot contests unless otherwise noted by the hoster.
  • Kick, then ban for 0.5 hours. Gamebanning is also an option.
  • 21. Be patient. 
    When prizefunds are available, we will rotate through all of the games, and when we do, we often take polls. Please do not constantly ask for the staff to change the game, because it disrupts and floods the chat.
  • Kick, then ban for 0.5 hours. Gamebanning is also an option.
  • 22. Play fairly. 
    Using "undefined" mode on Spacewar, ranking friends or other ID's high on Doodlerace, or any other form of cheating is strictly forbidden. When a scroll message alerting users that "Doodlerules" are being enforced is present, you must follow these rules; they can be found in full here.
  • Kick, then ban for 0.5 - 2 hours
  • 23. False information and fake reports may result in a ban. 
    If it appears that a user is providing false help with ill-intent or in an obviously jokingly way, that user may be banned immediately. Simple mistakes, mostly due to outdated information, may result in a warning or correction. Additionally, if a user reports another user with non-genuine proof, the reporting user may be banned forever.
  • Use discretion to decide ban time.
  • 24. Moderators and owners have the final say in classifying offensive material. 
    Due to the nature of the English language, it is not possible to list every offensive term or phrase. For minor instances of inappropriate behavior, the user will be told to stop or will be kicked, based on the judgement of the moderators or owners who are witnessing the behavior. If you disagree with the way a moderator or owner deals with a situation, wait until a person of higher rank is available to resolve your complaint or request.
    25. Obey the nxat Terms of Service and do not share confidential information. 
    Failure to comply with the Terms of Service agreement may result in a ban. The following topics are major areas to be aware of: Exposing personal information, abusing or teaching glitches, and phishing or scamming. Linking to, discussing, or even mentioning private servers of any kind is not permitted, especially ones that involve xat. Lastly, do not discuss private information, such as protected blog posts, with users who are not authorized to see or discuss the information in question.
  • Ban 1 hour – forever depending on information


    • A full reason is required for each kick. Moderators always need to include a reason when banning. Owners do not have to include reasons for mutes. The only exceptions are when you are banning raid bots and definite signs of ban evaders.
    • If a raid is occurring, use the /p protect mode. If that fails, use the /pr mode. Do NOT use /p or /pr against ban evaders unless they have been constantly evading for more than about 10 minutes, or if they are constantly disruptive to contests.
    • NEVER use /pr while the chat is on promo!
    • Your behavior on other chats defines Game and how it is run. Game staff should be aware of this while present on other chats.
    • You must be active in order to retain your position (this rule does not apply to volunteers). Activity is measured by being online frequently along with events.
    • Include rule violation information in kick reasons so that users can correct their behavior. Do not just give a directive and hope they understand their wrongdoing.
    • If you are in doubt about the correct reason for punishing bad users, scroll down to the rules page for help and use that reason for kick/ban.
    • A ban should not be issued if a user leaves the chat but would normally get kicked for the committed offense.
    • Unprofessional conduct at other chats may put you at risk for getting demoted at Game. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • Consult a user of equal or higher rank when deciding to demote someone. In cases of clear abuse, you can demote immediately.
    • Permanent moderators may demote members not listed on staff list if they are found to be repeat offenders.
    • Do not ban for long periods of time for measly reasons. A day-long ban may not necessarily be fair for all rule violations. Think carefully about what is fair and appropriate.
    • Do not kick banned users unless they are rapidly clicking you.
    • NEVER dunce, or otherwise, do anything to end users' tempown / tempmod / tempmem time early!
    • Moderators are required to give proof for violations that occur in the moderator’s private chat.
    • Owners: Before tempmodding members, ask them if they are still here. If they do not respond, do not make them tempmod.
    • If you are away or busy, please move to the staff pool. This will allow for the bot to make temporary moderators more accurately based on need.
    • If an unregistered user reports something that happened in a private chat or message, do not take action. Tell the user to use the ignore feature.
    The owners, main owner, or nxat staff may promote/demote you to any rank as necessary, for any reason, and possibly without any prior warning or notice.


    • The chat is being run by HelperNate (21299).
    • If you have any complaints or suggestions, please contact me through private chat, or through "message" on the chat group..
    • The Main Owner generally trusts everyone's judgment when enforcing rules. If something seems off, contact the Main Owner with some screenshots by FEXMail, forum message, Game message feature, etc. and they will look into it.
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