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General Information[edit]

  • Power abilities only work if you are a subscriber (have at least one day).
  • Powers are created and added frequently to the powers store (generally every week).
  • Powers may be withdrawn from sale (so hurry and get yours now!).
  • Price of powers may fluctuate depending on demand.
  • Other users can only see your powers while you are subscribed.
  • Powers can be individually enabled and disabled.
  • Powers can be traded with other users.
  • Powers remain with you until you trade them away (even after running out of days).
  • Having at least one power enabled allows you to use the (powers) smiley.
  • Each power has its own featured smiley, which can only be used by users who own that power.
  • Please read the description of the powers.

Group Powers[edit]

These powers are not like regular powers - they apply to an entire chat group.

When you buy a group power, you can use its smiley but the power does not become active until you assign it to a chat group and a main owner activates it in the chat settings. Learn more about group powers and how they work here.

Suggest a New Power[edit]

If you have an idea for a new power that has not been released, click here and submit a new thread with your suggestion. Learn more about how to suggest a new power here.

Buying Powers[edit]

You can use your x4ts and days to buy powers on neox4t. To buy x4ts and days, click here.

Powers give you special features and/or smilies that enhance your chatting experience. Having one of each power will allow you to use the rare Emerald Pawn. For more information regarding the Emerald Pawn, check out the EveryPower article.

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