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namegrad.png (NAMEGRAD) - Gradient namecolor EPIC

Display name with a two-color gradient.

Rainbow and custom gradient effects with your Namecolor.

You must use at least two colors in your namegrad code, otherwise it will use default colors.

Note: Namecolor and Nameglow are required for Namegrad to function.


An example of a code for a custom gradient (the code is entered into your display name) is (glow#0#grad#r#g#r90), where:

  • glow#0 - Glow effect for your gradient. Replace 0 with a hex code to set a Nameglow, or leave it at 0 for no glow.
  • grad#r#g - Two color gradients, beginning with red and ending with green.
You can use up to 15 colors at once to produce gradient effects.
  • grad#r#g#b#000001#ffffff - In this example, 5 colors are used in the following order: red, green, blue, black then white.
  • r90 - Rotates the gradient 90 degrees clockwise (vertical gradient).
  • s1 - Shifts the gradient to the right. The higher the number, the more it shifts.

To produce a rainbow gradient, simply put (glow#0#grad) in your name.


For better visualization and creation of your code, use this generator.

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