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namecolor.png (NAMECOLOR) - Custom color for your display name EPIC

Namecolor without glow.
Namecolor with a red glow.

Namecolor allows you to color the text of your display name, as opposed to coloring around your display name with the NameGlow power.

The Namecolor code goes inside your display name, and the format is as follows: (glow#NameGlowCode#NameColorCode)

You are able to color just the text of your name, and have no glow on it. To do this, put a 0 in for the NameGlow code. Here's an example: (glow#0#R) will make your name red without a glow.

Here are a few examples:

  • Purple Namecolor with no glow: (glow#0#800080)
  • White Namecolor with a black Nameglow: (glow#000001#FFFFFF)
  • Red Namecolor with a black Nameglow: (glow#000001#FF0000)

You can also click here for a Namecolor code generator.

Important note: The Nameglow power is required to use Namecolor, as well as the color powers Red, Light, Blue and/or Green to color them.

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