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music.png (MUSIC) - Music application

xat's Music power includes a Music Application to use with the (piano) smiley. To use, click "Games", and select "Music". Follow the steps here to find out how to use it!

Recording (see the image)

Stars mark the actions described on the left.

On the first section (marked here with a red star), you will find Stop, Play, Record, and Learn buttons. The Stop button stops recording/playing, the Play button plays the song you recorded, the Record button lets you record your tune, and the Learn button shows the smilies dropping down for each note without audio. This is to allow you to learn how to play a tune by pressing the keys at the right time.

On the second section (marked here with a blue star), you will find the smilies that show what notes you're playing. Each key you play makes the smilies go up if you are recording.

On the third section (marked here with a green star), you will find the piano used to record songs with. Simply click a note and it'll play! You can use the area just above the keyboard to scroll it left and right to access higher and lower notes.

  • Bonus! You can also use your keyboard on your computer to play the piano! Use "asdfghjk" keys to play the white keys, "we tyu" to play the black keys, and "zxcv" to go to play a different section of the keyboard.

If you are skillful, you can play notes with the keyboard and mouse at the same time! Can anyone play chopsticks?

On the fourth section (marked here with a yellow star), you will find the box with the piano code, much like on the Stick Power. You can paste tune codes in here you have saved or got from elsewhere. Click "Copy" to copy to your clipboard, click "Reset" to clear, and click "Post" to put it into the message box on the chat.


After you're done with your song, you can put the code in the chat. Anybody with sounds turned on can hear unless they have noaudies power turned on (they can still listen by clicking on it). They can also click the (piano) smiley to listen to it again.

  • Note you're able to use multiple in a message, but only the first one will play automatically. The users will have to click the others to hear them.
  • Messages have a 256 character limit, so ensure that you're not making too long of a code.
  • You can place it in your name but your friends will have to click it to hear it. It cannot play from pictures.
  • You can also use for example (hug#piano#ASoHKgcqCCoOKgcqByoOLAYqByoMKgM=), which is hug smiley playing the piano.

Future Features

The following is a list of suggestions for features which could be added.

  • Different instruments
  • Drum machine / Sequencer
  • Game mode where a group of people compete to see how accurate they can play (like Learn mode)


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