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main.png (MAIN) - Set custom permissions for main owners GROUP POWER

The Main power allows you to set custom permissions for main owners when adding them on your chat group.

Note: You must be the registered group manager to use this power.

To access the main owner settings, hover over "group" at the top right of your chat and click "customize". Then enter the group password or your account password. Then click the "main owners" tab.

You can select from these permissions for your main owners: "appearance", "tabs", "settings" and "grouppowers". The “main owners” and “miscellaneous” permissions cannot be selected as these are only available for the registered group manager.

If you add a main owner via this page, they will be able to access the group settings using their nxat account password and you do not need to give them the group password. Main owners will be able to view and edit the respective tabs you give them access to.

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