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hangjinx.png (HANGJINX) - Jinx your friends with hang messages

Send a Hangjinx hug to a friend and their messages will look like the message in example 1. This power removes some letters and replaces some others with hangman-like text (underscores).

Note: You cannot use Hangjinx hugs in the main chat, otherwise you will get error 65. You will need to private chat a user to use the following commands.


example 1 "Figure it out."
This hug depicts the user who sent the hug throwing the other user into a well. At the end of the hug, the probability and time of the Hangjinx are shown.

To Hangjinx the user in private chat only:

  • /jinx [time in minutes]hang[probability%] Your message here#optional color code

To Hangjinx the user in main chat:

  • /jinxall [time in minutes]hang[probability%] Your message here#optional color code

Sending a /jinxall ?hang? hug costs 10 xats and you can only send 20 within 24 hours.


  • /jinx 10hang50 haha!
  • /jinxall 30hang100 this is fun!

Default and maximum time is 30 minutes. Default probability is 25%.

The "probability" section controls the frequency of the jinxed messages. For example, a probability of 50 means there is a 50% chance your messages will be Hangjinxed.

To Hangjinx yourself in one message only, add a Hangjinx smiley to the end of your message.


Currently there is no way to unjinx a user. The best way to "unjinx" someone is to use one of the following commands:

  • /jinx 1hang1 in PC; to set the time to 1 minute and a probability of 1%.
  • /jinxall 1hang1 in main chat; to set the time to 1 minute and a probability of 1% (this will cost 10 xats.)


You can use Gcontrol to set the minimum rank for this feature and whether users of the same rank can Hangjinx each other.

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