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This article documents the development of the new HTML5 web. New features are also pointed out.

Version July 4, 2020
  • #chats (create group, edit group, events, nxatframe library):
    • We have changed the url structure. It now is:!editgroup&roomid=160324526&GroupName=HTML5
    • Edit group:
      • #appearance
        • If you use a domain (e.g. for chat background) that nxat doesn’t allow and save, you will now be prompted with a message regarding the blocked url.
      • #settings
        • Certain radio urls would be blocked. This is now fixed.
        • We have pointed out that http radio urls will not work with Google Chrome Browser anymore. Since a few months, Google Chrome allows https only. If possible, please switch over your radio to https.
      • #group powers
        • An error with the export functionality has been fixed.
        • On bot power, saving with empty values wouldn’t work, this issue is now fixed.
      • #main owners
        • When trying to add more than 20 main owners, which is not possible due to the limit, switching tab and back would show an undefined value, this is now fixed.
    • nxatframe library
      • An indication has been added for nxatframes that require the transparent chat background setting enabled.
  • Homepage
    • We have made the homepage fully responsive. The page now adjusts to your screen, like on mobile devices.
    • Images on carousel have been updated.
    • Xavi and stickers tab has been added on carousel.
    • User personalization has been implemented. If logged in, you will now see different content.
    • The footer has been updated with links and social media icons.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • By adding ?x at the end of the url (e.g., you can now get the image of the chat background.
    • The top menu navigation will fit better on medium-sized screens now.
Older versions

[Show/hide] Version June 13, 2020[edit]

  • Chats:
    • Create group, editgroup and events, when clicked via new web, will now bring you to the new web page.
    • The old web pages will be entirely replaced very soon. More information here.
    • Editgroup:
      • On appearance tab, nxatframe library button has been added.
      • On settings two new settings have been added:
      • Buddy group - this is for adding another group on your chat tab.
      • HTML5 - You can now make your group use the HTML5 web and chat by default.
      • Miscellaneous settings have been moved to an own tab.
      • On powers, default and max value for gcontrol flood threshold has been increased.
      • On main owners tab, a wrong error message would show up, this is now fixed.
      • nxatframe library has been released now. More information here.
  • Top right menu:
    • When changing language, it will now also update the promoted chats in the groups dropdown.
    • On store dropdown, xavi has been removed.
    • In group dropdown, the new embed is now available.
    • Once embed is clicked, a pop-up window will appear.
    • In group dropdown, nxatframe settings have been added.
    • Once nxatframe is clicked, a pop-up window will appear.
    • Here you can choose whether you want to disable (or enable) nxatframe on the current group or on all groups.
    • An issue with the send message modal has been fixed where you couldn’t send another message after submitting.
    • CSS and icon updates have been made.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Success/Error alert style has been updated across all pages.
    • On store ads page, tinypic image requirement has been removed.
    • On store buy group page, when purchasing a group, the success message style would show incorrectly, this is now fixed.
    • On mobile devices, the menu on the navigation will now be pointed out better.
    • On mobile devices, the tabs on the bottom navigation will now have a better aesthetic appearance.

[Show/hide] Version May 18, 2020[edit]

  • Group page:
    • New report group (inappropriate) page has been implemented.
    • New send message has been added.
      • Once you click at the “send message” in the top menu under the “group” dropdown, it will directly open a pop-up window now.
  • Store/Powers:
    • Many input fields would show wrong autocompleted content from the browser. This issue has been fixed.
    • Collections - On the powers store you can now see a “collection” tab. This shows all super-powers, allpowers and everypower.
    • The “New” icon for new powers has been updated.
    • Dx and x2d tab now have new icons.
    • Small corrections on rules have been made.
New edit group page
  • Login:
    • On the login page tabs, there was a lack of space below the last button. This has been added now. This is an improvement for mobile devices.
    • Eye icon for view password has been updated.
    • A success message was missing after account deletion, this is now fixed.
  • Top right menu:
    • In the account dropdown, you would see xConfig.ID, this has been fixed.
    • In the nxat dropdown, support icon has been replaced.
    • The globe/earth icon for language on the right has been updated.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Create group, edit group and events are now available in public beta. Visit the forum for more information.

[Show/hide] Version March 25, 2020[edit]

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Power banner:
      • You will now see a countdown for the next power release.
      • Unregistered users would see an empty banner, this has been fixed.
    • Group ads:
    • Language:
      • Changing the language on top right menu will also affect the html5 chat box now.

[Show/hide] Version December 22, 2019[edit]

nxat store:

  • DX convert page has been added.
  • X2D convert page has been added.
    • Please note that a few small bugs will be fixed in the near future with DX and X2D.


  • Power banner:
    • You will now see the random power preview.
    • An issue has been fixed where the banner would freeze after 30 seconds.
    • Alignment of the smilies in the banner has been improved.
    • When clicking the banner, it would show the nxat homepage within the banner, this issue has been fixed. You are now redirected to the store.

[Show/hide] Version October 29, 2019[edit]

  • Top Nagivation Bar (all new pages):
    • The blue-black gradient color has been made more smooth.
    • The search button color matches the input search border now.
    • The navbar height has been adjusted, the nxat logo is not stuck at the bottom anymore.
    • The nxat halloween/xmas logo is now supported.
    • You can now dynamically change the website language at the top right.
    • Events/message/edit is now available in groups dropdown on the menu.
    • Register button has been added.
nxat homepage - version preview
  • nxat Homepage:
    • "new to nxat?" is now centered to the image.
    • Font size for group name/description has been adjusted.
    • Quality for group icon on the containers has been improved.
    • The promoted chat size has been reduced.
    • The box-shadow on the chat cards has been removed.
    • The space between the navbar and the promoted chat has been removed.
    • Promotion link has been updated to the new web.
    • Get Powers link has been updated to the new web.
    • Removed "Apps" from nxat dropdown.
    • The footer has been improved.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • A unicode character issue has been fixed which would appear if a group didn’t have a description.
    • An issue has been fixed to avoid some old group names to be displayed with a "null" name.

[Show/hide] Version May 26, 2019[edit]

  • New power store:
    • Power descriptions have been completely updated.
    • “Please read carefully” message has been removed and the last rule has been adjusted.
    • Short power description column width has been increased.
    • An issue with the filter has been fixed which would apply all powers on the featured tab, instead of featured powers only.
    • ‘Unavailable, try trading’ has been added for all limited powers.
  • A redirect issue with deleting your nxat account has been fixed.
  • An issue has been fixed which would show the logout content on the login tabs after logging out.

[Show/hide] Version April 27, 2019[edit]

  • New power store:
    • Clicking power image redirects to wiki now.
    • Search has been improved (i.e. searching for color will show namecolor/statuscolor now).
    • Powers table has been made responsive for smaller screens.
    • Clicking “clear” in the dropdown menu next to the search wouldn’t erase the search input, this has been fixed.
    • Bold font from short power description has been removed.
    • Powers which are limited now have a different background color in the table.
    • Filter saving has been added. To do so, open on the dropdown menu next to the search, choose an option and click “save”.
    • A total price is shown now.
New web - Powers Store Total Price
  • Login:
    • An issue with “Delete account” has been fixed.
New: Register page has been released.[edit]
  • Overall design changes have been applied.
  • An issue has been fixed which would let you complete the registration with non-alphanumeric characters as password, leading to issues with the trade app.

[Show/hide] Version April 4, 2019[edit]

  • Lost password works properly now.
  • Login issues on MAC OS Safari have been fixed.
  • Small CSS (alignment) improvements on auctions page have been applied.
  • On powers store buying more than 1 power wouldn’t work properly, this has been fixed.
  • Promotion icon on groups dropdown was broken for a few pages, this has been fixed.
  • An issue with "get cost" has been fixed on the shortname page.
New: Logout added.[edit]
  • New Logout has now been added to the "account" dropdown menu.
  • If you logout, this will give you an entire new ID!

[Show/hide] Version March 28, 2019[edit]

  • New buy nxats & days page has been added
  • New auctions page has been added.
  • Banner has been added.
New: Login page has been introduced.[edit]
  • New design with improvements.
  • Security settings are now shown clearer: You can now lock your account by country / isp / ip adress.
  • You now see a message when you're held.
  • Group powers have been moved on a new tab.
  • Change username / delete account has been moved on a new tab.
  • The password(s) fields have an eye icon, which will show/hide your password to you.
New web - Login

[Show/hide] Version March 21, 2019[edit]

  • Navigation menu links have been updated with new CSS (font color and instant dropdown).
  • All new pages have been updated on the menu links (powers store, buy short name, promotion, ads, buy group page).

[Show/hide] Version March 9, 2019[edit]

  • New buy Short Name, Promotion, Ads, buy Group page has been added.
New: Powers store page has been released.[edit]
  • Aesthetical improvements have been made.
  • You can now navigate trough tabs:
    • featured: this shows the latest nxat powers and recent popular powers.
    • standard: this tab is for all unlimited powers.
    • rare: this tab is for all limited powers.
    • epic: nxat’s epic powers are shown here.
    • group: nxat’s group powers are shown here.
    • games: this tab is for nxat’s game powers.
    • all: every nxat power is shown on this tab.
  • A search has been added, for you to quickly find the power you’re looking for.
  • Next to the search field, you have a dropdown menu for filtering with these options:
    • Clear: This clears the content in the search field.
    • A-Z: Powers are listed alphabetically starting from a to z.
    • Z-A: Powers are listed alphabetically starting from z to a.
    • 1-9: Powers are listed by power ID in ascdening order.
    • 9-1: Powers are listed by power ID in descending order.
    • $ > $$: Powers are by sorted by price from low to high.
    • $$ > $: Powers are by sorted by price from high to low.
  • All those new pages are now in one site, in a navigation and can be opened without re-loading the page.
New web - Powers Store

[Show/hide] Version October 24, 2018[edit]

  • Homepage has been updated.
    • Overall design update with a new menu, new buttons and new icons.
    • Flash chat has been replaced with the new HTML5 chat.
    • Facebook follow button has been added next to twitter
    • GDPR settings have been added.
    • Language now depends on browser language (?lang=countrycode can be used to change it manually).

[Show/hide] Version October 20, 2018[edit]

  • New HTML5 groups page.
    • Banner (power ads) has been added.
    • New icons have been added in the menus.

[Show/hide] Version October 3, 2018[edit]

  • New HTML5 groups page.
    • Favicon has been added.
    • In groups menu, promoted chats will now show depending of the browser language.
    • In groups menu, embed group and create group has been added.
    • In nxat menu, forum has been added.
    • In nxat menu, apps has been added to simply open up the apps list.
    • In account menu, default avatars have been added.
    • In bottom Navigation, comments have heen removed.
    • In bottom Navigation, an issue with “undefined” has been fixed.
    • In bottom Navigation, GDPR settings have been introduced: Third party content will now be blocked, unless you allow it to show.
    • In bottom Navigation, first tab will now be automatically rendered for trusted groups.
    • Http links will now be opened in a new tab by default
    • Doodle application now works properly.
    • Trade application has been fixed.
    • Shooter and Smilies application has been removed.
    • Chess game had a broken nxat logo, this has been fixed.
    • You can now use the Translator.

[Show/hide] Version September 14, 2018[edit]

  • New HTML5 groups page has been added.
    • A new header with a completely new menu including dropdowns has been added.
    • Bottom navigation has been revamed with a dynamic function, allowing you to switch tabs without refreshing the page.
    • Flash apps are working with the HTML5 chat.
New web - Group
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