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HTML5 History
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This article documents the development and new features of the new HTML5 chat.

Version July 4, 2020
  • New:
  • 8ball - smilies:
    • When using search, smilies which are the main power smiley, will now be indicated with a different style.
    • After using search, clicking on the main power smiley will now show all the smilies of this power.
    • When using smilies form the “other” list, they will now show up regardless of a gback setting such as (clear).
    • When click on a power, there’s now a return button which brings you right at the previous position.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Improvements:
      • You can now use up to 512 characters on your name! This only works if your name contains codes such as smilies or glow. Otherwise, it will be limited 90.
      • We have added a user setting that allows you to change the text direction to RTL (right to left) and vice versa. This can also be changed with a command, by simply sending /rtl or /ltr in the chat.
      • On friendlist-search, search by regname should now work for most users.
      • In the 8ball window, when an element is loading it will now show a loader.
      • On Firefox, a new scroll bar has been added.
    • Bug fixes:
      • A critical issue has been fixed that would prevent your messages from being sent after watching a Youtube video on the side-app.
      • An issue has been fixed where a tooltip button would show up when switching chat tabs.
      • Smilies within the 8ball window would not show for unregistered users, this issue is now fixed.
Older versions

[Show/hide] Version June 13, 2020[edit]

  • New:
    • Timestamps:
      • You can now see when a message was sent.
      • To do so, simply hover of the message.
    • Color picker on edit:
      • You can now simply pick a color with its hex code when editing.
    • Xavi app:
      • A new Xavi app has been made.
      • It comes with a brand new design and editing your xavi has become so much easier!
      • Many new eyes, mouths, accessories and more can now be used.
      • You can color almost anything with many new colors.
      • You can now set favorites! Do not like your current xavi anymore? Simply pick another one from your Favorite list.
      • Once you click “Save”; the xavi will be applied on the chat directly. No need to refresh!
      • Additional Xavi items:
        • Some hairs, mouths or accessories require additional xavi powers. This can be 2, 3 or 4 xavi powers. Or it may require powers such as Diva or Glasses. You will see this information when you click on a disabled item.
        • On Flash, additional Xavi items were bought over a web store. Those items do not apply on the new Xavi app. The old web store has been closed.
  • Group power assign/un-assign:
      • You can now assign or un-assign group powers.
      • To do so, simply send the power in the chat e.g. (gline) and click on the power smiley.
      • Note that this feature will be improved in future versions.
  • Gifts:
    • An issue has been fixed where the gifts list would’ve overlapped on the stickers tab.
    • When sending a gift and wanting to read the sent gift, it would say “user must read gift” even if the user already viewed it. This issue has been fixed.
    • Deleting gifts wouldn’t work properly. We have fixed this issue.
  • Translator:
    • The character limit for translated message has been increased, you will now less see [too long] messages.
    • An issue has been fixed where messages from other tabs or private messages would not be translated.
    • Translator word is now correctly linked on the chat. Once clicked, it will open the translator settings.
    • Single and double quotes wouldn’t appear, this is now fixed.
    • When trying to change to another language, it would stick to the first one you selected, this is now fixed.
    • If you and another person had translator activated, it would show both translations. It will now prioritize the translation from the other user.
    • Translator app icon on name would remain even if you disabled the translator, this issue has been fixed.
    • When you signed out/in, the translator app icon would disappear for other users, this issue has been fixed.
    • If you spoke in the language you wanted your message to be translated in, it would double the very same message, this will not happen anymore.
  • Powers:
    • Namegrad/Namewave:
      • All namegrad colors will now show up correctly.
      • An issue has been fixed where the namewave animation would be stuck for a very short moment.
      • An issue has been fixed where long names in combination with namegrad would break on the user edit/action window.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Improvements:
      • The flood limit has been improved for registered users. You will now not receive any unnecessary flood limits.
      • When banning an user, all messages from the banned users will not be visible anymore, even if you re-connect. This for example means, newly joining users will not bump into any inappropriate content.
      • If “empty smile line” is activated, it will now show the first smiley. Upon hovering all other smilies are collapsed.
      • The 8ball now has a shake effect.
    • Bug fixes:
      • A critical issue has been fixed that would prevent smilies from the smiley-bar to show up sometimes.
      • When transferring on private chat, it would show a wrong amount of days, this is now fixed.
      • An issue has been fixed that would show messages doubled when tickled.
      • It was possible to send empty stickers, this is now fixed.
      • After using /+-power command, clicking on the visitors tab would re-connect you, this has been fixed now.
      • When sending links containing the & symbol, the url would break, this has been fixed.
      • An issue has been fixed where clicking on a youtube link a second time, would open the app menu instead of opening the youtube application.
      • On Firefox, pawns were not animated, this is now fixed.
      • On Firefox Ubuntu, the text color on private chat was not black, this is now fixed.

[Show/hide] Version May 18, 2020[edit]

  • New:
    • Friend search:
      • You can now search for friends in the friendlist.
      • You can either search by the name they use or by the user ID. Regname search is not available at the moment.
      • Names which contain special fonts cannot be searched.
Friend Search
  • 8ball:
    • Each 8ball tab now has an icon next to the tab name.
    • Gifts:
      • You can now view and send gifts.
      • To view your gifts, click on the 8ball icon on the chat, then “Gifts”. You can also access your gifts when you click on your name, then click on the Gifts button.
      • To view Gifts from other users, simply click their name, then click on the “Gifts” button.
      • Total counter - Top right you can see the total amount of gifts a user owns, as well as how many private or public cards.
      • To send a gift to another user, click on their Gifts button, then hit the “send gift” on the top left.
    • Stickers:
      • A new modern color picker can now be used.
    • Powers:
      • Radio power has been implemented.
      • Away:
        • When you ran out of days, the away functionality would remain active until re-login. This is now fixed.
      • Category:
        • A new modern color picker can now be used.
    • Powers dialog:
      • Search has been made a lot faster now.
      • If the search result was empty, it would still show empty categories. These will not be shown anymore.
      • On search, autocomplete dropdown has been disabled.
      • If you went on the smiley selector and clicked someone’s powers, the "standard" category would show at the bottom of the powers list. This is now fixed.
    • Miscellaneous:
      • New default links have been added: auction, promote, promotion, shortname, store
      • (glowworm) smiley would not show up in the name, this has been fixed.
      • When using a long name on pool, it will show a scrollbar below the pool name, this is now fixed.
      • When you ran out of days, the away functionality is still active. But if you refresh/relogin, it's fixed.
      • Underscores on private chat tabs have been removed.
      • Changing radio volume or changing language would freeze the html5 chat, this has been fixed.
      • On Firefox and Edge browser, a small space between Visitors and visitor list has been removed.
      • On Edge browser, the bubble icon on the tabs was cut off. This has been fixed.
      • On Edge browser, when clicking enter, it would cause a line break. This is now fixed.

[Show/hide] Version April 21, 2020[edit]

  • New:
    • Youtube in-chat video and app (media) has been implemented.
      • Youtube pop-up viewer:
      • By default if you click on a youtube link, youtube videos will now play within the chat.
      • On the title bar you will see the name of the person the video was sent from.
      • Top left corner, you can drag to resize the window.
      • By clicking and holding the title bar, you can move the window.
      • If you double-click the title bar, the video will be minimized.
      • If you double-click while it’s minimized, you can maxime.
Youtube - Side-app player
    • Youtube Side-app player:
      • In user settings, you can select whether you want to use the pop-up viewer or the side-app player.
      • By selecting the side-app player, you can view youtube videos on the media app. 
      • App options:
        • Add Video - Here you can add videos to the queue by a youtube link. Once you add a video, it will be shown in the thumbs list below.
        • Thumbnails - They represent the videos added to the videos queue and the videos sent through the chatbox as links by users (including you). If you click them they will play the video and will clear the videos queue.
        • Broadcast - This will broadcast the video to all users with the youtube app on. If they have the broadcast option unlocked, the video will automatically play and clear their current videos queue (if any). This will play the video for you too.
        • Lock Broadcasts - This will prevent you from receiving broadcasts. This means, if a user broadcasts a video it won't be played in your player.
    • Youtube logo update.
      • The youtube logo has been updated (mobile app too).
  • Smiley selector:
    • You can now easily select smilies. To do so click on the 8ball tab and on the “smilies” tab, you can see any free smilies or smilies from powers.
    • By clicking on any smiley, it will be added to the chat text entry field.
  • Stickers:
    • Sending stickers trough the 8ball pop-up window was released in the previous versions. With this update, you can now simply add colors to the text. One color is for the inner, one for the outer text color.
  • Powers:
    • Mark editor:
      • Adding marks has been easier. Simply send (mark) on the chat and click on it to open the Mark editor.
    • Zoom:
      • If zoom power was active, smilies on avatar would overlap messages, not allowing you to select or click on it. This has been fixed.
    • Reverseban:
      • An issue has been fixed where you couldn’t type or click on the chat after being reversebanned.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • “Don't display the line of smilies” option will now work on the html5 chat.
    • Chat background transparency is now supported.
    • Font size on dialog buttons has been increased.
    • Font weight and size on pools has been changed.

[Show/hide] Version April 7, 2020[edit]

  • New:
    • Kiss and Sticker dialog has been added.
      • To access the dialog, click on the 8ball icon on the chat.
    • Kisses tab:
      • All kisses are now listed at one place, with a scrollbar.
        • When hovering over a kiss, you can see the name and price of the kiss.
        • If password field is left blank, you get a preview of the kiss
    • Stickers tab:
      • You can now see all available stickers
      • When clicking on a certain sticker, you can see all of its variations
      • Clicking on it will add the sticker code to the chat text-entry field. You can then add a custom message after the “#” or/and add a message alongside after the bracket.
      • The stickers dialog will come with more features and improvements in future.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Messages on private chat are now stored even if you close the tab. They will be gone once you refresh the page.
    • Small design improvements have been made for the powers dialog.

[Show/hide] Version March 30, 2020[edit]

  • Powers:
    • Zoom power has been added.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Homepage icon has been added to the name on chat messages.
    • Remove message functionality has been added:
      • Moderators and above can now delete messages just like on Flash.
      • The remove icon will only appear when hovering over the name.
    • A critical issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show powers on the account when bought on the mobile application.
    • A critical issue has been fixed which would make the Trade application unusable on iOS browsers.

[Show/hide] Version March 25, 2020[edit]

  • New:
    • Collection viewer:
      • You can now see the pawns and required powers for collections.
      • To use this, simply type the collection on the chat, for example: (supersummer), then click on it.
  • Powers:
    • Big:
      • Smilies with Big now have the same size as on Flash.
    • Gscol:
      • An issue with Gscol power has been fixed, this works properly now.
    • Nopc/Nopm:
      • The private chat and private message button would not become greyed out on different instances, this has been fixed completely.
    • Num:
      • Uppercase letters are now supported.
    • Stickers:
      • When switching tabs, a sticker that was sent earlier would make you jump to its position, this has been fixed now.
    • Typing:
      • A sporadic issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show the message that you just sent.
    • Flgpwn power has been implemented.
    • Pcplus power has been implemented.
    • Snakeban has been re-made and is now available.
    • Spaceban has been re-made and is now available.
    • Tickle power has been implemented:
      • The Tickle icon has been moved next to the group name.
      • Tickles are now shown within the message window (separately).
      • When being on another tab, you will also see the counter on the Tickle icon.
      • You can now see what time you were tickled at (by minutes).
  • Miscellaneous:
    • On ios mobile browsers such as Chrome, the html5 chat content would turn black, especially when zooming in, this should not happen anymore.
    • P1 pawns such as power pawns would not work in private chats, this has been fixed.
    • When removing stealth ($) from your name, you would remain guest and not become owner, this issue has been fixed now.
    • To ensure moderation, you will now see the messages from ignored users when being moderator or above.
    • Pawn quality in chat messages has been improved.
    • When changing status and joining another chat within a few seconds, the new status would be reverted, this has been fixed.
    • A critical issue has been fixed which would allow you to send messages trough the flash chat despite having Nopc power enabled.
    • Underscores, that would show up instead of spaces have been completely removed.
    • In order to make the bubble icon (on tabs) visible on chats with white/bright backgrounds, a border has been added to it.
    • When adding a long status without spaces, the edit profile dialog would break, this has been fixed.
    • A text hover effect has been to the chat buttons.
    • When scrolling on userlist, the scroll on the messages window would get stuck, this has been fixed now.
    • Smilies that are bigger would make proper selecting and clicking very hard, this has been fixed on each area now.
    • Multiple issues with the bottom scroll (/s) have been fixed.
    • Clicking @anytext while linkvalidator is disabled via settings would open a 400 error page, this has been fixed.
    • When clicking smilies or pasting text on ios browsers, [object HTMLDivElement] would be inserted, this has been fixed now.

[Show/hide] Version December 22, 2019[edit]

  • New:
  • Four in a row game app has been re-made:
    • You can now play without the flash player.
    • Play solo mode has been added, you can now play alone with the in-game bot.
    • You can see statistics when playing with a real opponent.
    • An overall design update has been done.
Guest warning
  • Info to guests when posting links:
    • For over 10 years guests would post links, not knowing that their link isn’t shown to the rest of the world. We have improved this! Guests posting links will now be notified with a message!
  • Powers dialog:
    • Design improvements have been added.
  • Powers:
New HTML5 Codeban
    • Mirror has been implemented.
    • Invert has been implemented.
    • Blastkick, Blastde, Superblastkick, Superblastban has been implemented.
    • Invisible:
      • The pawn wouldn’t have low opacity to indicate invisibile being active, this has now been added.
    • Category:
      • An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t allow you to create a category if you earlier edited and deleted a category
    • Codeban:
      • This game power has been re-designed and is now available for use.
      • Spectator mode is currently unavailable.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • In settings language option German would be shown twice, this has been fixed.
    • Most kisses sent over the flash chat are now visible on the html5 chat, however kisses cannot be sent via html5 yet.
    • In blast animations, spaces in names would show up as underscore, this has been fixed.
    • Using the hex code #00000 on smilies wouldn’t show the black color, this has been fixed.

[Show/hide] Version October 29, 2019[edit]

  • Messages:
    • Messages with open brackets would make strange behaviors, this has been fixed.
  • App icons:
    • An issues has been fixed wouldn’t open the Doodle app when you clicked its icon.
    • Alignment issues on Firefox Browser have been fixed.
    • An alignment issue has been fixed when a nameflag code was used in the name.
  • Powers:
    • Flag
      • All flags show up now
    • Rapid
      • The rapid function wouldn’t work when clicking on the names at the messages, this is now fixed.
      • When pressing ctrl and hovering over a name, It will now show the rapid type you set.
    • Nameglow/color
      • An issue has been fixed which would break the the glow in name and status if the user had no (hat) power
  • Miscellaneous:
    • A critical issue has been fixed which wouldn’t let you connect sometimes.
    • A scroll issue has been fixed which would show links as [Object Object]
    • Multiple CSS improvements have been added at private chat tabs
    • Smilies next to each other are now aligned better

[Show/hide] Version September 11, 2019[edit]

  • New: HTML5 Trade application has been released (no flash required anymore!)
  • Text-entry field:
    • On Firefox, the scrollbar would show up by default, this has been fixed.
    • If you wanted to replace a selected text on the text entry field, it wouldn't work, instead it'd just add the inserted text next to the selected text. This has been fixed now.
  • Messages:
    • Private message icon is aligned better now.
  • User dialog:
    • Icons for all buttons on the Kick/Ban dialog have been added.
  • Powers dialog:
    • When the menu is opened top right, clicking anywhere outside of it will now close it.
      • Search will not be shown anymore if the user has no days or powers.
  • Powers:
    • Away
      • When being away on the chat and moving over with the mouse, the away icon will disappear now.
      • An issue has been fixed which would make the away icon appear after a few seconds. It takes 60 seconds now - as it should.
      • Away settings are available now. To edit, click on your name > settings > powers > change away time from 60-3600 seconds.
    • Typing
      • Typing would not work on private chat, this has been fixed.
    • Sticker powers
      • A setting has been added to disable stickers.
      • An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show up the sticker name when hovering over the sticker.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Clicking the app icon next to the name on the visitor's tab will now open the respective app.
    • Hovering over the app will say “On App” now.
    • Spaces on names would show up as underscore for kick or blast messages, this has been fixed.
    • When opening a private chat trough the friendlist, the friendlist tab would remain in the private chat tab, this has been fixed.

[Show/hide] Version July 13, 2019[edit]

  • Features:
    • Power preview dialog has been updated:
      • An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show the preview for old powers.
      • Clicking on a power in your name would open both the power preview and user dialog, this has been fixed. It will only show the user dialog now.
      • An issue has been fixed which would reload the power preview when the first smiley in the dialog was clicked.
      • NEW: Clicking a superpower will now show the required powers.
      • NEW: If you click on a smiley from the power preview, the smiley will be added right into the text-entry field.
  • Text-entry field:
    • An issue has been fixed which would break the text-entry field when adding too much text without spaces
    • Due to the limit of 256 characters which has been added on the previous version, copy and pasting text exterior to this limit would not be pasted. This has been fixed now.
  • Messages:
    • Help icon on info message (e.g. new member) is now aligned optimally.
    • Posting overly long links would show an empty space beneath the message, this has been fixed now.
    • Sending a message with two single/double quotes would remove the latter, this has been fixed now.
    • Sending a quote/star symbol alongside the letter ‘p’ would bring up the (eek) smiley. This has been fixed and will not happen anymore.
    • Sending an emoji or a special character would not show up in the message, unless it was put twice. This has been fixed.
  • User dialog:
    • The username/ID text color at the top left is now dynamically adapting to its background. For example, a white background (button color) will have a black colored text and vice versa.
    • Most avatars with the gif format would be showing up as “too big” on the user dialog. A fix has been added to prevent this from happening.
  • Edit:
    • Adding an underscore after a smiley on the avatar field would make the smiley pixelated. This was changed and adding an underscore will not show anything now. It must solely be the smiley code.
  • Powers:
    • Big: 
      • An issue with big smilies (Big power) overlapping names has been fixed.
    • Announce: 
      • Links in announce messages are now hyperlinked.
    • Namegrad:
      • An issue has been fixed which would allow you to use Namegrad without having the power.
      • Namegrad wasn’t working for some users. The cause was found and a fix has been applied.
    • Namewave:
      • An issue has been fixed which would allow you to use Namewave without having the power.
      • Namegrad would appear broken if namewave was disabled and an app was opened this has been fixed.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Getimage7 has been released: All kind of images are now loading fast.
    • Hovering over the group/help/nxat icons wouldn’t show the cursor, preventing it from being clicked. This is now fixed.
    • An issue has been fixed with private chat tabs not showing up if the name was parenthesized.
    • Clicking offline users on the visitors tab (user list) would make them appear online. This is now fixed.
    • Long pool names would break the pool appearance, this has been fixed now.
    • If you connected as an unregistered user, your name wouldn’t be bold (font weight), this has been fixed.
    • Alignment issues on the chat with unregistered users have also been fixed.
    • Firefox browser: Pawns on the visitor tab (user list) were not animated. This has been fixed.
    • Scroll (text moving at the bottom using /s) has now become slow like it should be and links on scroll are now clickable.
    • Empty spaces would be shown as underscores on pc tabs, this has been fixed.
    • A few critical issues with M/B ID users have been fixed.
    • An issue has been fixed which would make links in names clickable.
    • Links which are sent by guests via Private Message are now clickable.

[Show/hide] Version June 6, 2019[edit]

  • Namegrad/Namewave:
    • The quality has been improved.
    • A rotation issue for Namewave has been fixed.
  • Text-entry field:
    • When pressing enter in the middle of a message, it would cause a line break instead of sending the message. This has been fixed.
    • Words reaching the end of a line would be divided. This has been changed and it will now move the word into the next line.
    • You cannot enter more than 256 characters now.
  • Messages:
    • An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show certain smilies if the message contained multiple spaces.
    • An issue has been fixed which would create an additional space when inserting any content (such as a url).
    • Links on messages could not be selected, this is now possible.
    • A javascript error has been fixed that would appear when clicking links.
  • User dialog:
    • When you clicked on the PM/Transfer buttons, a white line would appear at the bottom of the dialog window. This has been fixed.
    • All “l” letters are now shown as “L” (uppercase).
    • IDs such as 5000000 are now shown as 5M on user dialogs.
    • Behind the username/ID, there was a rectangle. This is gone now.
  • Settings:
    • Choosing ‘unanimated smilies’ would make smilies appear small and with bad quality. This has been fixed.
    • When changing ‘notifications’ setting, the selection would be reverted after being reconnected. This has been fixed.
    • An issue has been fixed that would break the user dialog (edit), removing all its content when changing the ‘notifications’ setting.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • ‘Get a chatbox’ and ‘sign in/out’ buttons have been adjusted to fit the border.
    • Multiple alignment issues with status messages have been fixed.
    • Alignment issues at the top and bottom of the visitors tab (userlist) have been fixed.
    • Clicking pools will give a jump effect now.
    • An issue has been fixed that would show empty spaces as underscores on name when having Shuffle power disabled.

[Show/hide] Version May 26, 2019[edit]

  • Blasts and hippo kiss animation has been added.
  • More tooltips have been added:
    • Hovering over name will now show more information about the user.
    • Hovering over smilies and icons on smiley-line will now give you additional information.
  • Category power has been updated:
    • On friends list, moving friends requires a long-click now.
    • On friends list, a drop zone has been added, indicating that the dragged friend can be dropped into this area.
    • An issue has been fixed which would still show categories on friends list when running out of days.
    • When you receive a day and become subscriber, category functionality is now shown instantly without having to refresh the chat.
  • A translator issue has been fixed which wouldn’t translate messages with smilies.
  • An issue has been fixed which would show desktop notifications from ignored users.
  • An issue with some GIF avatars shown as “too big” on chat has been fixed.
  • HTML5 chat was refreshing randomly. This may have been fixed now.
New: Fido (sticker) power has been added[edit]

[Show/hide]Version April 27, 2019[edit]

  • Censor list has been updated.
  • The return button icon has been changed.
  • Username/ID in user dialog can now be selected.
  • Chat background compression issue has been fixed.
  • Clicking on app links used to open a group page. This will now open the app.
  • When hovering over smilies, you will now see the smiley code.
  • Settings:
    • Refresh chat for some settings not needed anymore.
    • Any settings including macros are now saved on the server. No more losing macros!
    • Sline on powers tab is now useable.
  • App icons which are shown next to the name have been improved.
  • Default links have been updated with the new login/register/store pages.
  • Button color gradient reduced by 75%.
  • Dialog titlebar color uses button color now.
New: Category power has been added[edit]

[Show/hide]Version March 9, 2019[edit]

  • Bad quality for pawns/smilies on Chrome and Edge has been fixed.
  • You can now ban and guest offline users
  • App icons will now be shown next to your name
  • Rapid and Rapidreason power has been added
  • Typing power has been added (only visible to users on flash at the moment)
New: New settings dialog has been added[edit]
  • You now see multiple tabs with new settings:
    • General
      • Two new settings have been added here:
      • LinkValidator [Enable/Disable] - this allows you to turn off the linkvalidator page when clicking links in the chat
      • Toggle-off Friends [Available/Offline/Both] - this will either hide your available, your offline or both your available and offline friends from your * friends list
      • Note: You need sign out/in for it to take effect (at the moment)
    • Macros
      • You can now add macros with the new macros manager.
      • To add a macro simply enter the name and value and click on New Macro. This will add it to the listing above.
      • To remove a macro, hover over the macro in the listing and a remove icon will appear.
      • Note: You have to close and open the window to see the newly added macro in the listing (will be fixed soon).
    • Powers
      • This contains settings from powers.
      • Note: More settings will be added soon.
      • Note 2: This requires the respective power
    • Translator
      • You can now activate the translator directly in settings without having to open the app.
      • To activate, simply check the “Enable Translate” and click Save Settings.
HTML5 - General Settings
HTML5 - Macros Settings
HTML5 - Powers Settings
HTML5 - Translator Settings

[Show/hide]Version January 21, 2019[edit]

  • Gline power has been implemented.
  • Gscol power has been implemented.
  • Gback power has been implemented.
New: You can now get a preview of powers[edit]
  • To do so, click on the power smiley in the chat, e.g. (marshie).
  • Note: This only works with powers after ID 202 at the moment
HTML5 - New powers Preview

[Show/hide]Version December 24, 2018[edit]

  • An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show the Save button on edit for embed chat.
  • Kisses and hugs that were sent would freeze the chat, this has been fixed.
  • A few issues with extra pools have been fixed.
  • Namegrad and namewave has been implemented (there may still be minor issues which are to be fixed).
  • Show power has been implemented (this is shown when you click on a user).
New: Powers view has been revamped[edit]
  • By default powers are now categorized.
  • Clicking on the power image redirects you to the power’s wiki article.
  • A search has been added.
  • A menu has been added:
    • Clear: This clears the content in the search field.
    • A-Z: Powers are listed alphabetically starting from a to z.
    • Z-A: Powers are listed alphabetically starting from z to a.
    • 1-9: Powers are listed by power ID in ascending order.
    • 9-1: Powers are listed by power ID in descending order.
    • Normal: This is the default view with categories.
    • Off: Your disabled powers are shown.
    • All: This shows all your powers including the powers you’re missing.
    • Missing: This shows the powers you’re missing for everypower.
    • Memory: This will remember the options you selected in the menu (this doesn’t work for all options at this point)
HTML5 - New powers view

[Show/hide]Version December 12, 2018[edit]

  • Extra pools have been moved to the bottom of the userlist.

[Show/hide]Version December 10, 2018[edit]

  • Kick and Ban has been simplified: You can now directly set the duration and reason in the dialog window. (Further improvements to be done soon.)

[Show/hide]Version December 9, 2018[edit]

  • On friends list you should now be able to see if someone added you as a friend, which chat they are online at and whether they use NoFollow or not.
  • Powers list is now divided into two columns and changes are saved upon closing the window.
  • An issue has been fixed which wouldn't show the user in the userlist, if they sent you a message trough another chat.
New: Edit your profile has been remade with new features[edit]
  • There’s now a preview on Edit. Simply change your name/avatar/status and you’ll see the preview! Once you like the changes, you can save it.
  • It now loads way faster.
  • Width of the Input fields has been increased.
  • Underscores have been removed. No more underscores when making spaces!
  • You can now see the amount of your nxats and days.
HTML5 - New user dialog

[Show/hide]Version August 11, 2018[edit]

  • Status/statusglow/statuscolor have been added.
  • When you foe someone, it will now show "Un-foe" instead of "Un-friend" on user dialog.
  • Numerous alignment adjustments (CSS).
  • Smiley bar has been fixed. All smileys are usable.
  • Supersummer/superanime pawns will not show in chat messages anymore.
  • Audies such as #giddy, #ohhh have been added (still a few bugs). Noaudies is also working.
  • Scroll + rankscroll have been added.
  • Chat sounds have been added. You can now hear a sound when someone sends a message or enters the chat.

[Show/hide]Version July 17, 2018[edit]

  • Goodfriend power has been implemented (no sound yet).
  • Foe power has been implemented.
  • A new dialog has been added for the use of Goodfriend and Foe (simply click on Add as Friend to have further options when you own these powers).
  • Return (send message) icon has been changed.
  • Left padding on text-entry area has been adjusted.
  • An issue has been fixed which would show the "ok" smiley as pawn.
  • Supersummer has been added.
  • Esmile power has been added.
  • When using the /go command, the new chat name wouldn’t show on the chat tab, this has been fixed.

[Show/hide]Version June 19, 2018[edit]

  • Some users weren't able to click the Powers button, this has been fixed.
  • Multiple issues have been fixed with private chats between different chats.
  • Numerous alignment adjustments (CSS).
  • Bold font has been added to the text-entry area.
  • Classic power works properly now.
  • Superanime has been implemented.
  • Hats power has been implemented.

[Show/hide]Version June 9, 2018[edit]

  • An issue has been fixed which would break the private chat when you used the ignore button.
  • An issue has been fixed which wouldn't allow you to send messages, if you disabled/enabled powers using /-+power in private chat.
  • You wouldn't be able to send messages with your keyboard on Firefox, this has been fixed.
  • An error has been fixed which wouldn't let you Sign In when you got disconnected.

[Show/hide]Version May 22, 2018[edit]

  • /go command has been implemented.
  • Default links and Link power has been implemented.
  • Registered/Subscriber star on pawn has been implemented.
  • BFF/Married feature has been implemented.
  • Boot power has been implemented.
  • Clicking on avatars in chat now redirects you to the profile
  • Clicking on messages in chat won’t open the user dialog anymore.
  • A getstrip6 issue has been fixed - Any smiley combination is now useable!
  • The amount of nxats/days would show incorrect on Transfer when clicking users via friends list, this has been fixed.
  • Clicking links with the scroll wheel wouldn’t open the actual link, this has been fixed.
  • Saving changes on Edit is now faster.
  • Minor css improvements.

[Show/hide]Version May 1, 2018[edit]

  • Radio has been implemented.
  • Desktop Notifications: Capitals are now supported for Mentions.
  • An issue has been fixed which would loop the captcha for unregistered users.

[Show/hide]Version April 13, 2018[edit]

  • Transparent scroll has returned.
  • Edit profile is changed back to mobile style for now.
  • An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show the tabs, allowing you not to switch between private and main tab.
  • An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show you new messages, when getting a new rank.
  • You can now click out of the user dialog window, to close it.
  • Font size of messages has been improved.
  • Clicking on users via friends list now brings up the user dialog rather than opening the private chat.
  • HTML5 chat now works for mobile browsers as well as for Safari.

[Show/hide]Version March 26, 2018[edit]

  • The transparent overlay background has been increased which makes the text much better readable.
  • “Ok” button from the user dialog window has been removed.
  • User dialog buttons concerning icons/text have been improved.
  • In private chat, if the other user went offline or was gagged, it will now show so.
  • Messages containing the character > would not show up, this has been fixed.
  • If you used two quotes, the second quote would be removed, this has been fixed.
  • An exploit has been fixed that would allow you to use huge smilies.
  • Parentheses for unregistered user ID’s have been removed.
  • Long links won’t be divided into multiple lines anymore.
  • Pasted formats are no longer being copied to the text entry field, this fixes a couple of issues which were breaking the break the chat.
  • Users without an ID will now instantly receive an ID upon clicking the userlist or any other user in chat. This fixes a couple of issues such as the white box you’d get or’s you could open twice with the same user.
  • Pawn next to avatar in chat now does show up for unregistered users (except guests).
  • Unregistered users won’t be able to click on the Transfer/BFF button anymore.
  • On Ban window, if there were too many buttons it would go out of the frame, this has been fixed now.
New: Desktop Notifications[edit]

[Show/hide]Version January 31, 2018[edit]

  • A critical bug has been fixed which would hardly let you connect to the chat
  • An issue has been fixed which would not update your rank/name while being in private chat
  • An issue has been fixed which would not load the chat background upon joining the first time for new guests
New: Button icons[edit]
  • There are now icons for buttons on user dialog. Please note that not all of them may work at the moment. This will be improved in the future.

[Show/hide]Version January 19, 2018[edit]

  • A critical bug has been fixed which wouldn't not allow guests without ID to connect to the chat
  • An issue has been fixed which would not show the pool tab, if you used double quotes in pool name
  • A critical bug has been fixed which would break the html5 chat, if you used emojis in announce/rankpool
  • An issue has been fixed which would show your rank as a guest, despite being an owner
  • An issue got fixed which would break the user dialog, using long names.

[Show/hide]Version January 10, 2018[edit]

  • Pcbr power works properly now.
  • An issue has been fixed which wouldn't reconnect you, when you got kicked.
  • You can now use Transfer.
  • You can now use Marry/BFF and divorce.
  • A bunch of issues with Nopc and Nopm power have been fixed.

[Show/hide]Version December 7, 2017[edit]

  • Friends in friends list are now shown bold.
  • If you add someone as a friend, they are displayed bold and higher in the userlist.
  • If you unfriend someone, the bold will be removed and the position will be lower in the userlist.
  • If you’re main owner of a chat, you will now see “Edit Your Chat” instead of “Get a Chat Box”.
  • Default backgrounds which looked tiled, now look as they should.
  • Bans and Unbans now work properly, users wouldn't know they are banned or they would be shown offline.
  • Make guest button is now available for gagged users.
  • Chat tabs got improved.
  • The Private Message function works properly now.
  • You couldn't click on the tab for users with a different text font in name, which works now.
  • An issue got fixed which would hardly allow you to connect to a chat sometimes.
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