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gcontrol.png (GCONTROL) - Configure your chatroom GROUP POWER

GControl allows you to make small adjustments to the settings of your chat. You can see a list of all options you can fine tune for your chat below.

Once assigned, hover over "group" at the top right of your chat and click "customize". Alternatively, you can use the direct edit group link. Once you've entered your chat password, visit the group powers tab and find Gcontrol. To adjust all the settings, click the blue "edit" button.

Note: Mod8 and the Gcontrol power will increase max ban times by 2 hours each, so keep this in mind when setting max ban times.

Unless otherwise stated, the individual settings are:

Click the blue "edit" button to adjust Gcontrol settings.
  • N/A
  • Guest
  • Temp member
  • Member
  • Temp moderator
  • Moderator
  • Temp owner
  • Owner
  • Main owner
  • Nobody

Options and settings

Here is an extensive list of all of the current available options and individual settings:

Setting Description Default
Make guest Change who can make users guests. Temp Moderator
Make member Change who can make users members. Moderator
Make moderator Change who can make users moderators. Owner
Kick Change who can kick users. Temp Moderator
Ban Change who can ban users. Temp Moderator
Unban Change who can unban users. Temp Moderator
Moderator max ban time 0-99 Change the maximum ban time for a moderator, where 0 is forever. 6
Owner max ban time 0-999 Change the maximum ban time for an owner, where 0 is forever. 0
Can mute Select which rank is able to use Mute power. Owner
Can delete Select which rank is able to delete chat messages. Temp Moderator
See silentban Change who can see silent bans. Nobody
Can't be silentbanned Maximum rank that can be silentbanned (i.e., if set to moderators, then owners cannot be silentbanned). N/A
Set scroller Change who can set a chat scroll. Temp Owner
Must be locked Change which rank and above must have account protection activated. N/A
Must be registered Change which rank and above must have a registered account and be logged in. N/A
Preferred blast 0-4 Change the default blast animation for Blast powers, where 0 is random. 0
Can promote Change the minimum rank to be able to promote a chat. Member
Barge in Change who can use the Barge power. Temp Moderator
Max toons Change the maximum amount of toons (users with no ID) allowed in your chat. 10
Ad position 0-2 Change the location of the xat ad, where 0 is random, 1 is top and 2 is bottom. 0
Silent member Change who can use the Silentm power. Temp Moderator
Can be dunced Maximum rank that can be dunced (i.e., if set to moderators, then owners cannot be dunced). Main Owner
Can ranklock Change who can use Ranklock power. Owner
Can award badge Change who can use Badge power. Temp Owner
Can naughty step Change who can use Naughtystep power. Temp Moderator
Can yellow card Change who can use Yellowcard power. Temp Moderator
Can red card Change who can use Redcard power. Temp Moderator
Red card factor 0.1-10 Change the multiplication factor for the Redcard power. 6
Protect mode Change who can turn on Protect mode. Temp Owner
Protect default Change the default Protect mode (1-5). 1
Protect time (hours) 0.1-12 Change the default duration of Protect mode. 1
Kick all Change who can use the Kickall power. Temp Owner
Member flood trust 1-99 Change the amount of messages that members and above can send before being checked as spam. 4
Flood threshold 10-200 Change the amount of characters in a message before it will be checked for spam. 50
Can jinx Change who can use the Jumblejinx power. Guest
Can jinx same rank Allow users to jinx users of the same rank (Yes/No). No
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