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everypower.png (EVERYPOWER) - Emerald pawn

Default Emerald pawn.

EveryPower is a set of powers that gives you the ability to use the Emerald EveryPower pawn. You must have at least one of each power that xat has released to qualify for it. New powers are released on a weekly basis; you must purchase these powers to regain EveryPower.

EveryPower also puts you higher on the visitors list than everyone else of your rank. See Topman article for more information about the ranking system.

If you wish to disable EveryPower, type "/-everypower" into the chat, or disable it via your powers list.


The Emerald pawn supports 6 different colors: green (default), pink, blue, purple, gold and ruby. Provided that you have the Hat power turned on, you can use these special pawn colors by adding one of the codes below to your name.

These extra colors can combine with other default hats, but not specific-power ones. For example, "(hat#Ekr)" would show the Emerald Pink pawn with rabbit ears.

These colors also work with Flashrank.

Extra information

  • The Ruby pawn that was previously linked to EveryPower has been turned into a power.
  • EveryPower is a feature, not a power. This means that it cannot be traded, and each power must be selected individually on the Trade application in order to trade it.
You should be extra careful while purchasing EveryPower to ensure you do not get scammed.
  • Unlike AllPowers, users are able to see if you have EveryPower when viewing your Powers list.
  • When you get EveryPower, you also get power ID "127". Currently, the use of this is unknown and it cannot be traded.
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