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events.png (EVENTS) - Recent log of actions

Events is a power that allows you to see the log of recent actions such as kicking and banning on a chat. To view the events of a chat, click the word "Events" located at the bottom right of the chatbox.

You will only be able to read the nxat chat events page if you have an (events) power.

Note: Events only goes back up to 14 days and can take up to 10 minutes to update.

Events search

Events search

The events search bar is the first thing on the events page and the page will remain blank until you enter a query or click the "Search" button.

The first input field is where you enter a search query. If you just want to view the most recent events of the selected type, click "Search" with no search query.

Note: An asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard. For example, "name1:Fred*" searches for all events performed by all users whose register name starts with "Fred" (i.e. "Fred" and "Fred1234").

The search query box has several ways to search for events, here are some examples:

  • name1:fred - Searches for events where the user with register name "Fred" performed the action (i.e. Fred kicked Tom).
  • name2:tom - Searches for events where the user with register name "Tom" had an action performed on them (i.e. Tom was kicked by Fred).
  • name1:(Mihay OR Cupim) - Advanced searches for events where the users with register name "Mihay" OR "Cupim" performed the action.
  • id1:42 - Searches for events where the user with ID "42" performed the action.
  • id2:101 - Searches for events where the user with ID "101" had an action performed on them.
  • text:spam - Searches for events where the reason contains the text "spam". For example, ban reasons or scroll messages.
  • -name2:Annoying - Exclude events of user with registered name "Annoying".
  • (name1:fred AND name2:joe - text:rapid) - Advanced example showing events with reasons containing "rapid" in them from both registered names "fred" and "joe".
  • time:[a TO b] - Will search for events between two timestamps where a is the beginning and b is the end.
    • For example: time:[1424540003 TO 1424799250] - Will search from Sat, 21 Feb 2015 17:33:23 GMT to Tue, 24 Feb 2015 17:34:10 GMT.

The second and third boxes are used to search for a specific type of event, such as bans, kicks and mutes.

Demoting a moderator

Go to Events page and then click on the moderator's ID.

Events power also allows you to demote the moderators of your chat group through the events page.

To demote a moderator from events, click on the underlined ID. You will then be led to a page asking if you want to un-moderate.

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