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A sticker is a small animated illustration that can be sent in the chat. Unlike smilies, stickers can include custom text. When a sticker is sent in the chat, it will be placed to the left of your name, replacing your avatar.

How do I send a sticker?[edit]

To send a sticker, you must first possess the power to which it belongs and ensure the power is activated. Each power within this category has its own article, with a list of specific sticker codes, examples and detailed information. You can use one of the sticker codes to send a sticker, along with optional text and text colors.

Manually sending a sticker[edit]

To manually send a sticker in the chat, click the 8-ball on the smiley bar, click "stickers" and select a sticker power. Then, enter an optional sticker message and select various text colors (Figure 1). When you're finished, click the sticker you'd like to send and the code will be added to the entry box.

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