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A jinx is a phenomenon that changes the target's chatting experience. Like hugs, jinxes are bought with powers (for example, Jumblejinx power), and they require subscriber time to use.

Each type of jinx has a different effect on the target. For example, jumble will jumble the target's messages, while egg will add the word "egg" before each vowel of their messages. Smilies are unaffected by the jinx. You will not receive a notification when the jinx runs out either.

Each jinx power also has its own hug animations when sent, which involve the avatars and names of both the sender and the recipient. These animations may contain an optional message, which can be colored. For example, adding "#ff0000" to the end of the code will add a red color to the text.


  • You cannot jinx a higher rank.
  • The jinx hug animations will not work on the mobile app.
  • You cannot send a jinx while using the mobile app (you will receive error 66), although you can be jinxed yourself.
  • If you are jinxed while on mobile, your messages will appear unaffected to you, as if the jinx were unsuccessful. However, the person who sent the jinx will still see your messages as jinxed, as though it were successful.

How do I send a jinx?[edit]

File:Spacejinx hug.gif
This hug depicts the user who sent the hug chasing the jinxed user with a mallet, and then hitting them over the head.

Jinxes can only be sent in a private chat. You will receive error 65 if you try sending them while in the main chat.

There are two commands for sending a jinx:

  • /jinx is free to use, and will jinx the person in the private chat it is sent in.
  • /jinxall costs 10 xats per use, and will jinx the person in the main chat. The hug animation will appear in the main chat too.

These commands are followed by:

  • the duration (in minutes) of the jinx;
  • the name of the specific jinx (e.g. jumble, reverse);
  • the probability of their messages being jinxed. (The default probability, if left blank, is 25%).

For example, /jinx 29space25 Hello xat wiki! will spacejinx the user for 29 minutes, with a 25% probability of their messages being jinxed. The animation would appear as follows:

A jinx is restricted to the chat it applies to (whether main or private). For example, if a person is jinxed in a private chat, the jinx will remain there, and will not apply to other private chats or the main chat. Equally, if a person is jinxed in the main chat, the jinx will not apply to private chats or other chat groups. The jinx will, however, remain across different pools, whether the banpool, staffpool, etc.

It is also possible for a person to be jinxed in both the main chat and private chat simultaneously with two separate jinxes (whether the same or different type). These jinxes apply normally, separate from each other.

Multiple jinxes sent in the same chat cannot overlap or be stacked, and will instead overwrite each other. This includes their duration.

How do I "unjinx" a user?[edit]

Currently, there is no official way to "unjinx" a user. Resetting the chat will not unjinx the person either.

The best way is to use a unique command found on each jinx power article. These commands must likewise be sent in a private chat with the jinxed user. For example, to "remove" a jumblejinx:

  • /jinx 1jumble1 will jumblejinx the user for 1 minute, with a 1% probability of their message being jinxed in private chat.
  • /jinxall 1jumble1 will jumblejinx the user for 1 minute, with a 1% probability of their message being jinxed in main chat. (This will cost 10 xats).

It is also possible to remove a private chat jinx by signing out and in again. However, the other person must do the same, or they will continue to see the messages as jinxed, unless the jinx runs out naturally with time.

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