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appbot.png (APPBOT) - Create and run games and apps in the chat UNLIMITED

The AppBot power allows you to create custom applications and games to run in the chat, or even run those written by others, through the new Canvas application that runs with the HTML5 version of xat. This creates an environment where you can create applications such as games, polls, quizzes, moderator of the month, etc.

AppBot is still a work in progress, and a software development kit that will provide proper directions for developing applications and games to run with this power should be released soon. For now, keep an eye on the AppBot section of the forum for news and updates regarding this power.


Refer to the article on the specifics of canvas commands.


In order to play a Canvas game or to make your own game, you need to go through a few steps. These tutorials should help you to run or create an application on your own chat group.

Getting Started

File:Appbot tuto 1.jpg
xat app development

First of all, if you want to run a game, you need to find a Codepen xat app. Click here for the drag and drop matching smiley code. The xat app development window allows you to setup your game bot. Write down the name of your chat group in the "chat name" box. The "regName" box has to be filled in with a registered xat user name. Do not use your own registered name as the account will be turned into a bot temporarily. We recommend you to use a secondary account that has the AppBot power and days. The "name for bot" box allows you to pick a name for your bot. Last, but not least, the "apikey" box has to be filled in with your bot API key. In order to find it, login to your bot account, check the "Reset API key" under the security settings and make sure to click "Update Security Settings" once logged in. Please, NEVER share your API key as no one needs it. If this is necessary, you can reset it at any time. Once you have completed the xat app development window, press the "Run AppBot on chat" button. Go back to your chat and make your bot a member. Make sure you are using the HTML5 version of xat (i.e Go to the Canvas app (listed alongside the other xat apps) and finally press the "Run AppBot on chat" button again to start the app/game on your chat.

Team members

Below is a list of users that are contributing to the project. They are normal users that contribute to the site developing applications/games for use with this power. Sensitive information should not be sent to game makers, and game makers are unable to answer support requests or aid in matters relating to support requests.

Forum Name: xat ID: Notable Game:
Jedi fr.png Jedi (1B)
Junior do.png Junii (1522897229) Pawns
Maverick Maverick (1070) Checkers
xLaming PAULO (162497) Bingo
SLOom fr.png SLOom (110110) Smileymatch
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