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allhallows.png (ALLHALLOWS) - All Hallows' Eve smilies and FX LIMITED

Halloween-themed FX smilies.

How to use

Example of FX in action: (d#candyfx#wcs246).

Note: You have to add the colors before the options.

  • w = Start option.
  • c = Candys (object. See list below).
  • s = Skulls.
  • 2 = Coloring (0-1=no coloring, 2-3= rainbow) Exampleː (D#CANDYFX#R#G#B#wcs246).
  • 4 = Number of objects.
  • 6 = Size of objects.
  • You can choose a different item. Example: change (d#candyfx#wcs246) to (d#candyfx#weg246) you will get spiders and ghosts.

Items available

  • Code: c (default candy).
  • Code: s (skull).
  • Code: e (spider).
  • Code: b (bat).
  • Code: d (cat).
  • Code: g (ghost).
  • Code: x (x).
  • Code: w (pawn).


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